BlueSkies 3

Good graphics! I'm gonna stream this tonight! (it's 8:28am for me while I write this)

And you can watch the stream here if you're willing to drop by!
Username: HankTheDST

Sweet Middleground 3 ~the lost keys~

This game is overall good and, I wanna announce that I have my own gameplay posted on YouTube and here is my playlist: Sweet Middleground 3

Thanks for this amazing game ^^

Tales of Yuria: The Dragon God

Hey here, it's HankGaming! The one who's doing the let's play for Tales Of Yuria: The Dragon God! ^^

First of all I want to announce that I officially has an account here! Second of all is that it's me who poured my own soul into making these episodes on YouTube (hehe)

Nothing much booming I wanna say in my first post here since the series is still ongoing (I'm 90% done when writing this post!) So yeah, expect me to get into deeper reviews for this game!

Full Playlist: Tales Of Yuria: The Dragon God (small note: if you want to keep this page, don't click the link directly.)
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