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Summoner of Sounds


Look Up: I must've missed this one before! Very pleasing atmosphere. Definitely communicates the sense of hope of and sympathy. It's actually spot on there, and a great take on the theme of the chapter because it manages to nail down a specific feeling.

I'd say the mix could be improved a bit, though. For the first 30 seconds the balance between the harp sounds like it isn't establishing atmosphere as much as it could. Right now the strings feel like they overbear the acoustic qualities of the harp and that they're on somehow different acoustic space than the harp. I think it could work better if the harp sound was "on top of the strings", so to say. So I'd probably make the harp louder in comparison and make it dominate the soundscape and have the strings just support it from underneath.

When the flute takes the leading role I'd make sure it is the most audible element and adjust the harp accordingly from there on. Same when the violin takes the melody: At that point it should be the most audible element.

I like the atmosphere and melody! Mix needs improvement! Good job, however.

Almost there: Oh! First I was trying to match the mood of the song to the title and it felt really off for me. Then I just focused to listening to it and wondering how it makes me feel. I actually think it sounds more like "We've finally done it!" It really sounds like an ending credits theme for an anime show or something like that. Though it could also a fit a scenario where you see the grand plan of the characters unfoil and everyone's trying to carry out their assigned roles.

It's a cool theme and has interesting sound to it, in a positive way, as in it doesn't sound too generic.

Mix feedback: Again I think the leading voice could have more clarity and rule the volume of other instruments. I'd just first simply raise the volume of the leadd guitar and see how it affects the mix. Some elements may turn out to be too quiet in comparison, like some percussive elements for example, but I think it'd fix the balance between the bass layers and the lead, because at the moment the basses sound too loud. But I'd begin the adjusting by raising the lead, because it's the element that stands to out more.

Bye:Ah very cool melody. Somehow sounds pretty retro to me. Composition-wise this seems solid and I like the simple but effective percussion. I'd imagine if I was listening to this as a battle theme it could get a bit old after several repetitions. Maybe more so with the long intro. The melody later on is lively enough to keep your interest in it several times.

What comes to the mix, the leading tone seems too quiet again. I'd bring it up a lot first and see what needs adjusting afterwards. The bass sounds too loud during the intro, while I think the strings could be brought up in comparison. When the melody starts the piano sounds too loud on the low range. The volumes are pleasing for each instrument, it just feels they aren't dynamically layered, or as effective as possible. Just try having the leading instrument and elements being the focal points with whatever is playing!


Surviving the Attack: Sounds pretty tense! Those synths coming in at the beginning remind me a lot of FF8 boss theme. (A good thing.) I can easily see this working as a RPG battle theme for some high tension boss battle.

Better mix would do wonders for the atmosphere, though. The bass instruments have some muddiness to them. It's hard to pinpoint the exact issues, but it's like the bass is resonating on a bit unpleasant frequencies and lacking somewhere on its EQ curve. How would it sound if you brought up it's 2-7khz range, for example? The kick drum sound also drowns there a bit.

The synth does sound good. The hihat sounds a bit too overbearing, and could be more subtle with perhaps a bit more reverb and a bit less volume. The instrument at 0:26 - 0:33 could spread wider to establish more space, and the higher tone lead around 0:34 - 0:40 could use more volume presence and be placed more towards the center. Right now it sounds like "a sound on the right" and not so much as "element that expands the atmosphere to certain direction." The bass does sound relatively loud at these parts, or at least the leading instruments are too quiet in comparison.

I like the chords in the end! I can easily imagine what the new section starting from there could sound like with some more organ goodness!

Overcoming the Demon:
Nice combination of somber and mysterious. This could work as a dungeon theme, too. The song is pretty hard on ears though because of the instruments' qualities. The vibraphone type instrument starting the song has a lot of decay and with such a high tempo the overlapping effect of the sound becomes a bit much. The hihat quality could be improved too, by spreading it to a bit wider space by giving it more reverb. The lead voices could stand out more in general right now the lower tones are dominating the volume a bit much.

It's a good idea of a song, but I think the mix needs more work here to make the song work properly.


The Ninth Symphony Concerto in G Minor: Wow, that was lenghty. There was many nice melodies. In general it felt pretty epic and like a journey or a tale of adventures of someone in a medieval fantasy land. The brass sections often reminded me of FF9 sountrack, as well as the lower mid range winds. The instrumentation was generally really nice, even though really simple. The first minute felt a bit chore to listen to, but from there on I was entertained and felt like I was listening to ending credits music.

The beginning also felt too quiet in comparison to the rest, plus the strings felt like they faded too soon without enough decay or presence of any acoustics.

This was cool though. It felt kind of like a soundscape concept for a soundtrack where you could expand upon. Not sure of the actual intended purpose.

Epic: Epic indeed! It does sound like beginning of the end. The melody doesn't sound particularly unique or original to me, but I like the harmony with the choirs. I feel there could be even more string ambiance to enhance the whole mood from the very beginning. The detached strings joining in soon could have even more volume to bring some more oomph. Often I feel the melody layer could dominate the volumes more to have bigger impact on the atmosphere. Right now it feels most of the elements are really far in the soundscape and the area near to the listener feels pretty empty. Bit less reverb on some layers could help this.

@ Calicer & Lucent_Aurora:

Battle Hope: Really lively and nice melody. Beautiful instrument choices! The xylophone creates a really nice mood! The descending notes at 0:58 are really nice and the flute around 1:08 especially too. The soundscape sounds like it could use some more meat on the low end. The bass range is really quiet and doesn't create as effective ambiance as it could! The soundscape sounds a bit small, so to say.

The melodies are really nice, however.

vs_Clavinet: Interesting! Not sure what this makes me think? Sounds like it's from a rather old RPG or adventure game from some intense action sequence. Here's the lead voice feels like it's drowning under the additional elements here and there. The expressiveness is very inspiring and great, though. Really liking the places this goes. Keep it up! You're really good at carrying the melody, while the general volume balance sounds like it could use improvements.

vs_Clarinet_r7q6UcG This sounds pretty decisive. The rhythm and mood are both very good, but The low range volume feels a bit lacking again! Some of the melody instruments could have less reverb and have some harmony instruments with more reverb backing them by creating them some solid ambiance base to dance on.
Right now if I raise the volume for the ambiance to be on pleasing level the melody instruments sound too loud, and if I adjust the volume for the melody instruments to sound good then the ambiance is too distant.

I do like the melodies though! Keep it up!

@Vanillatogether & ResidentEcruteak:

SOS Battle Theme Waves of enemy hordes: This sounds like it has a lot of inspiration going behind it. There are some really cool instrument choices and ideas and they create a really cool futuristic fantasy vibe. I think that all the instrument progression and notes don't contribute to the overall coherency as well as they could.

The beginning is really cool. Nice instrument choices and I like the bass rhythm and how the synth at 0:10 comes in. The guitar starts sounding off around 0:11 though, and it sounds like it could work better by playing some more tonality supporting chords. Same with the slap bass part coming after it.

The progression starting at 0:49 is really nice. I really like the vibe and idea going here. The slap bass plays a few odd notes here and there. The flute synth afterwards works really well too, though the synth at right sounds a bit off soon after that part again.

You have some really cool ideas though! I am looking forward to listening more of your stuff! This somehow really reminded me of some old j-rpg soundscapes!


Formidable Foe: Wow! This is really cool! So urban sounds! This also seems a very refreshing take from you! A bit different from the usual approach you've had on some of your recent stuff. There's still some of that high frequency glitter here and there, but I'm really digging some of the shredding sounds here. The rhythm change works really well as a slight departure before returning to the loop here, too. Generally I am liking this a lot, though I hope the cool main lead voice synth had a bit more volume and presence over the rest of the soundscape. The dial type sound starting at 0:05, that is.

I like the distort on the the higher tone percussive elements as well. I'd definitely use this in a futuristic or modern project myself. This is great! Some highlights: 1:03, 1:20, 1:38, 1:45 and just the melody base at 0:05 is really cool to begin with.

Rest coming in a bit. Achievements too. And Music Pack 2 event launch. Sorry for delays!

[Poll] Pokémon Go!

You should be able to rename your pokémans! Also, the game will be more fun once the distance tracking starts work again properly. Right now it doesn't really show when you're getting closer to a specific pokémon.

Pokemon Go Journal

17th of July: Satan in the church & stalker in the playground

It's Sunday and I am to attend the christening of my new nephew. This means a possibility of scouting new region out for some pokémons. I spend some quality time with my friends and family at the church, though I am not christian myself. It appears the church in question is also a gym held by team Mystic.

This church must be the ugliest gym by so far.

I set my Vaporeon to help defend the church, though my friend soon conquers it for his glue-eating Yellow team and sets his Magmar named Satan to rule over it. Someone from team Valor appears soon to conquer the gym and at this point I have no time or resources to take it for Mystic. I just decide to sign in the church guest book that the gym really belongs to team Mystic for now and forever.

The church was alright from the inside, but still way too modern to my liking.

After the ceremony my family heads elsewhere to spend time together while I decide to stay behind and check what pokemóns the area has to offer. I head out to the beach nearby because my own neighborhood doesn't offer many water pokémons. I find a gym at the beach, but no pokémons at all. The servers too are starting to act up again and hinder the process.

Even though the area is quite beautiful and offers many services and possibilities for various outdoor sports and hobbies it seems to be lacking in the amount of Poké Stops. A day before I had read about the possibility of suggesting new Poké Stops and gyms via a form at Niantic's site, so I take some photos and coordinates on some appropriate landmarks and locations.

An actual gym hall which I suggested as a place for Gym or Poké Stop to Niantic.

Populus alba. Doesn't naturally grow in Finland. Another suggestion for a Stop.

I find out I didn't recharge either my phone or reserve charger properly and as I am running out of battery I let my family know it's alright to pick me up when they're driving by again.

I head out to local mall to stock up at the Poké Mart.

It seems the mall isn't as clean as it could be.

Umm... Oddish, I think that isn't a safe place for you.

There is also this local landmark called the Elf Pine which I suggest as a Stop or a gym. Later upon doing some research I discover it's super duper old and before there was a mall built around it there was an estate there and the tree was the place for sacrificial rites. Now it's just sitting in the middle of the sunny mall.

The servers are mostly down for the rest of the day, but occasionally working for short periods of time. I get false alarmed for a couple of times and head to the nearby park, but finding the game stopping working soon. As a result I am standing in the middle of the park trying to get it work for twenty minutes. There's a pool for small kids and a playground right next to me and I'm thinking I might be looking just a bit suspicious. Later I've come to notice the spot is super popular among Pokémon Go trainers and that there's lures often, so I should be fine.

Just a Growlithe at this local park.

The servers start to show some signs of life later around 12 am and I can finally head out to hunt properly again. Though the distance tracking to the nearest pokémon is still not working, so tracking something down properly is really difficult. I try to hunt down a Jigglypuff which is singing its sweet lullabies to the neighborhood somewhere in the dark alleys. I chase after it in the dark for a good twenty minutes with no results.

Someone has set a a lure to the hilltop school, so I go check it out. There's this hooded dude on the school yard and I greet him from distance: "Nice hour for a lure!" He doesn't respond and it's actually 2 am at this point, so I just settle to taking the advantage of the opportunity from a bit further away. I also confirm that Charmander is farmable from the road behind the school.

At home I discover Niantic isn't actually taking in suggestions for new Pokéstops and Gyms at the time unlike I was led to believe, but I'm hoping it changes at some point when they're less occupied with stabilizing the servers and getting the game out everywhere, because I've come across with many areas lacking Stops, even when they have had many potential locations for them.

All in all it wasn't a very good day for the game.

Pokemon Go Journal

16th of July:

Wow, look at the weather! It's perfect for spending the whole day outside hunting pokémon! As soon as I enthusiastically step outside I find out I cannot get into the game. The game has been released in 26 new countries. Simultaneously. The servers are down for the next 5 hours.

It's evening and time to try again. Server status websites warn of unstable servers, but I was able to get in at least, so I'll give it a go. I check nearby hot spawn spots for rares, but finding nothing of interest.

I head out south to explore some new areas and end to a really quiet and pokémon-wise dead neighborhood. There seems to be a gym in the middle of it and the only way to get there is to circle around the entire area.

A playground from the neighborhood.

When I arrive to the gym I think it has to be the cutest gym I've come across. The server issues prevent me from battling at the gym, though, and after spending 15 minutes trying to log into game I decide to start heading back.

The cutest gym so far.

When I'm close to my hoods again I conquer the fountain gym close to where I live and set my Vaporeon on guard. That's only fitting for water gym, right? The area is generally pretty heavily contested between team Valor and Mystic, but I'd love to be able to hold onto the Fountain Gym.

The Fountain Gym which I now hold, though the fountain isn't active in the evening. :(

Also one of the only places to catch water types nearby.

Generally the evening's pretty uninteresting and the server is very unstable. I find the Jynx which I was chasing earlier at the forest, near the local mart, though. Either she's stocking up, or luring more unsuspecting victims to the forest.

Caught in the act.

I decide to head to north to a large hilltop, which is sort of a landmark, by taking a really long route near the edge of the forest. I come across with very few pokémon though, if any, and after walking for a good while I'm getting suspicious if it's a dysfunction caused by the servers.

Just this stream circulating around the area. It's nice to jog by.

I find a low level gym on a remote neighborhood, on area which seems to be someone's yard probably.

A pagan cow. The actual gym icon.

My high level Hypno seems like something that won't be easily beaten here, so I leave it on guard and that makes it the second gym conquered this session! I wonder how it feels to have a gym on your yard with someone's else high level pokémon guarding it.

I give up on going to the hilltop because I've hardly come across with any Poké Stops, Gyms or even Pokémons in this direction. It's getting late and I head back home. On the way back I encounter a Nidoran ♀ and holy shit, is that a Porygon?! Suddenly the whole trip seems worth it! But game crashes on my attempts to catch either of them and they both get away. Feeling pretty salty.

Night dweller #1. Escaped during server crash.

Night dweller #2. Escaped during a crash as well! Come on now.

In the end I managed to hatch a few eggs at least and gave some drunk guy directions to the local pub, but I still felt it was pretty unproductive journey. Later at night I discover my pokémons are still holding the gyms though, and that other members of team Mystic have joined to guard them, so I at least get some comfort in that. I do hope they manage to improve the server and game stability soon though.

Summoner of Sounds

Oh hey! I am currently in process of concluding Summoner of Sounds myself. Listening to the last submissions and giving them feedback, and counting the statistics for achievements.

RMN Music Pack 2 will start later this month or in beginning of August. It was supposed to start ASAP, but I have some other deadlines very soon in August, so I have been worried they'll affect my judging abilities.

Rmn Music Pack 2 will allow submitting works that have been starter prior to the event, though, as long as they haven't been made public before. So basically you can start on ideas already, keeping in mind the primary application for the music of the pack is the games of RPG genre and that all works will be distributed for free for everyone to use in their non-commercial and commercial projects by crediting the artist.

Pokemon Go Journal

15th of July Chapter II: Lured into the Woods

I wake up from a nap, it's around 7 PM and it has been raining all day. I feel energized for the next adventure and it has cleared outside too, so it's time to Go!

I check out the nearby motor road for any sightings, but the area near to my house seems pretty poor for catching anything. I head out to a nearby church to try and win my first gym battle. There's pretty tough Pokémons, but which I manage barely to beat on my second try. I think I was facing a Hypno with my own Hypno, and winning because I had a ghost type special which was super effective while everything else was ineffective to both sides.

First gym victory at the local church! Not much to hooray about the architecture though.

After having won my first gym battle I plan my route to start again from the school I was at yesterday.

Somewhat old school with a cool atmosphere. It needs a sunny day photo too.

I spot Charmander footprints as I get closer to the hilltop where the school resides. I spot a group of young kids running around the school yard. I ask them about the Charmander and they all say they're also tracking it, and that it usually appears on the upper school yard. I can't see it nearby, so I walk around the school and go down the same stairs as before.

Here's picture of the stairs I mentioned before

And there it is! I'm super excited as Charmander is one of my all time favorites, yet still missing from my collection.

A wild Charmander jumps from the bushes!

But damn, he's breaking out of all of my pokéballs and then flees! I was devastated. I walk around the school trying to find it again. I did feed it some berries which would make the second time trying to catch it easier, but I can't find him anymore.

Instead I notice there's a Jynx somewhere nearby and I decide to set after it. I arrive to a field which I often pass while jogging.

I find myself heading to the nearby forest. Jynx still appears relatively close on my tracking - just a bit deeper into the forest. I notice it's pretty dark and quiet in the forest after the rain. I look at Jynx's silhouette and wonder what type of pokémon is it supposed to be. Could it be a witch? Now I feel uncomfortable of being lured deeper and deeper into the woods by the Jynx. I can't really see any pokémon nearby. They all appear rather far away. Beedrill somewhere there too.

A Jynx is somewhere there waiting for me.

I just decide to follow the road and take pictures. I see a small stream near the road and as I descend to the bank to take pictures my foot slips a bit and in the process I manage to throw my phone in the air, though I barely manage to catch it before it falls into the water.

Yeah, almost ruined my phone while getting this photo.

Been after the Jynx for a while now.

I'm in the middle of the forest now. I've opened some incenses to attract wild pokémons because the forest path is full of spawn points with falling leaves. I've started to lose hope of finding the Jynx or Beedrill, but my tracking has spotted Dragonair and suddenly a Slowpoke appears behind my back.

You can't deny this is a bit creepy.

When I try to catch it the game crashes though and when I reconnect it has already disappeared and my tracker shows entirely new set of pokémons which mostly all are the basic bird types. I'm pretty frustrated at this point and I try to find a route leading out of the forest. I catch an Eevee on the way, and come to gym in the middle of the forest.

I could take endless Eevee photos. They're so cute. :3

This is a gym in that forest. Really. This.

The pokémon here appear relatively weak and I spend a while there conquering the gym to myself. Meanwhile my incense attracts a wild Fearow as well as bunch of mosquitoes that appear to be about the same size as the Fearow. I have however conquered my second gym! Yay!

As I'm finding my way back I run out of battery again, but this time I have my reserve charger! I plug it in and I'm good to go again. I also find a Ponyta, one of many which I later discover to have heavily occupied the forest.

Is it just me, or does this Ponyta seem small?

I try to take some shortcuts to get back to the civilization as fast as possible, as the pokémons are a bit easier to find there when you don't have to follow specific roads for so long distances as in a forest. I follow a road that's supposed to take me back fast, but I find it ends to 20 feet drop down. I guess you could climb down the rock, but with all the vegetation and it having just rained... it didn't seem that appealing.

The road just ended suddenly on a cliff after this point.

As I turn around this guy's behind me.

He looks pretty surprised. Or high.

I come to a road which isn't on the map. It's really dark one too, and one I often avoid when I run in the forest.

In reality it was somewhat darker than it appears in the photo.

It felt a bit unpleasant route to take, but at the end of it I was greeted by a pretty scenery with a forest stream.

I like taking pictures in the forest.

It's just so harmonious.

I decide to go to the graveyard nearby as it seems there's quite several pokéstops there for some reason. I find out most of these are on the graves and that there aren't many pokémons in the graveyard, which is probably only for the best considering the purpose of the place. I wouldn't be super happy to visit a grave just to see bunch of people wandering around there catching pokémon and checking in for pokéstops.

The Sitting Angel. One of the pokéstops in the graveyard.

The graveyard is a pretty area though, and especially so in the winter. The atmosphere now after rain is extra serene as well and there's some hints of light mist crawling over the fields.

There's a lot of these trees in the area I live in. I really like them.

Mostly because of the canopies.

More trees.

I'm almost ready to head home, but I'm pretty close to my favorite chilling out area, so I decide to extend my journey and I head out a bit further away once again. I arrive to the local exercise park and the entrance area of the central park of my city. The central park covers many square kilometers of forest and forest trails which lead all the way from where I live to near the to downtown area.

Entering the exercise area.

Something about track fields attracts me in particular. They have some special nostalgia connection for me and spending time near them entices me. For some reason they have a very special atmosphere to me and they're my favorite chilling spots.

This is the shit. Something about them is magical to me. Not the fact it has just rained though.

I'm about to head out to gym nearby, but it's around 10 PM and the peak hour when the servers barely work at all. I can't get the game work for good 15 minutes and decide to head back home. It eases out pretty soon though, as usual, and I am online again.

I found a mirror. Lone pokémon trainer in the night.

As I'm heading back home I come across with this sick gym that has Aerodactyl and Omastar both over 700 CP, plus some third pokémon I don't remember. I dream that someday I'll manage to beat this gym, too.

This is the most epic gym around my part of the city. At least of those I have discovered out so far.

I find an Eevee nearby which is the last one I need for evolution. I thought I could choose which evolution I get, but it seems to be random I guess. I get a Vaporeon, though I would have preferred Jolteon which I would've needed for my current setup. Vaporeon's pretty though, and the street lamps are turning on and it's a pretty scenery. All is good.

These lights are pretty at summer, but suck at winter.

I'm pretty close to home and I'm heading to the local mart to buy groceries before it closes and I notice a Charmander on my tracking again. I notice the school is nearby and I'm thinking it must be the Charmander which spawns on the school grounds as told by the kids. I buy myself candy and head out to the school again.

I wander around the school yard, but instead I finally find this escapee on the road behind it. I manage to capture the Charmander on my first throw! Yes! I make my victory pose! This should conclude the day!

Found you!

I got my Charmander and I have candy! Man, this must be my best summer. I'm finding myself a bit worn out after having spent 4 hours chasing pokémon in one session, plus the session earlier on the same day, plus the whole previous day. It's still some way before I'm at home and what's this?...

Looks like another gym!

Man, these pokémons are so low level too and the highest level one is Magmar. My new Vaporeon is higher so I can't resist it, I must go conquer it. I beat the gym easily and find this Pincer near the gym yard. Perfect! Too bad my Vaporeon's slightly wounded which prevents me from leaving it to guard the gym, plus I've run out of potions. I'll let the Golbat I caught earlier the same day do it instead and soon after I finally arrive home.

Final catch of the day!

By rough estimate I probably got 40+ pokémons and around 15 km in travel distance.