Devil's in the details
I'm a very big fan of music of japanese role playing games for it has influenced me throughout my life since my early childhood. The day I saw Nobuo on the stage in front of me I decided I too will become a composer one day. It has been 9 years since that day.

You can't find my works anywhere right now, but that will change very soon this year as I will be contributing several original tracks for RMN Music Pack 2.



RMN Music Pack 2

Hey! Will take a few days to go through submissions, ensure we'll have the files as .wavs, create loop points for .ogg versions etc. If you still have late submissions, just send them directly to me!

RMN Music Pack 2

Hey, you can still submit your tracks! The event will have a slight extension! I will update the first post and the general status as well!

RMN Music Pack 2

Hey everyone! I'd like to ask and encourage people to give some updates on their progress! The event deadline is set on 1st of November, but the idea is to conclude the event once we have at least 60 accepted tracks.

Now, tracking the progress is a bit tricky when many of us like to hold onto our WIPs until further polish, but I thought it might be good idea to try and open the situation a bit more, so we know where we're going with the progress.

I'll post WIPs of my personal works soon, but here's notes on my current progress:

- Dungeon theme, modern facility infiltration -- (Tech Base) - Happy
Composition 100% done. Re-mixing done about 95%

- Semi-orchestral Mountain traversal area -- (King of All Mountains)
Composition about 98% done. Mixing done about 60%

- Up-beat character / event theme with piano - Happy
Composition about 98% done. Mixing done about 60%

- Melancholic character theme with acoustic guitar -- (Ghosts of the Past) - Happy
Composition about 90% done. Mixing done about 60%

- Sakimoto-esque Underground passage dungeon -- (Passage) - Happy
Composition about 30% done.

- Just reserving one ninja battle / character theme for me as well, sorry. (I've probably got enough WIPs as of now.) -- (A Friendly Shinobi) - Happy
Composition about 30% done.

- Mechanical special boss battle theme -- (Exoskeleton) - Happy
Composition about 25% done.

- Ominous desert crossing theme -- (Dynasty's Deathbed) - Happy
Composition about 15% done.

- Choral Mystery event theme - Happy
Composition about 10% done.

RMN Music Pack 2

I also have a suggestion for Happy: we could have a selection of generic track themes, such as "town," "battle," "dungeon," "church," "minigame," "story: upbeat," "story: slow," etc, much like how RPG Maker splits up its factory tracks, and keep a count of how many accepted tracks currently fit into each; possibly another list for how many of each are in the works, too. This'd give an at-a-glance view of the current balance of the project across the board.

Do you mean something much different from what we already have in the opening post? I could arrange them at least theme-wise, like that, but I wonder if we have a need for more specific quotas?

I think keeping it a bit open ended is also a good idea, so we may also get some inspired themes for instances that aren't necessarily common or always covered with the resources currently available there.

In other words, I'll try to order them better, to make tracking progress easier, but I would try to avoid having too strict guideline for specific themes, though we can still at least coordinate a bit and see what we're missing so far!

RMN Music Pack 2

Hey, here's a progress reel of some of our current themes so far. I will be creating new showcases as more submissions near completion!

And welp, it seems I will still be remixing my submissions until the very last moment before the deadline.

RMN Music Pack 2

Hey everyone! I postponed the posting of the demo of our current WIPs for a bit. If you have WIP versions of any of your songs in .wav format, send me a link here or in our Discord channel.

We were also thinking of creating a master thread for composing and mixing practices, where we can make a list of the most pressing questions concerning these topics, and where we could then ask some of our top dogs to share their methods at!

If you have any questions concerning composing or mixing methods, then let's hear them and I'll compile a list of them later.

RMN Music Pack 2

Hi, I'm new here but I'd like to participate! Thanks to...

Hey! Welcome aboard! There's hasn't been a specific deadline, but the event has been estimated to last up to 3 months at least, if not slightly more, so if you need a deadline, you could treat the 1st of October as such though the event itself is listed to end even a month later. It's all still an estimation.

As for repercussions of not submitting something you've signed down: let's say you're going to wait until the very last moment with your submission that you've promised to deliver. Since you've reserved a specific type of theme, it is possible no one else has covered this particular type of theme, or will have time to do so anymore after we find out you aren't able to deliver it.

As a result we'll possibly just end up not having that specific type of theme.

RMN Music Pack 2

Nice to see more familiar faces! We've still got plenty lurkers too, so it'll definitely be interesting to see the turn out later.

A heads up for anyone who wants to take advantage of the opportunity:

I'll be posting a preview of the tracks we've been working on so far on Monday, 15th of July to several places where we've advertised the event, to showcase what we've got going on so far.

If you are able to polish something up for that date, then there's a bit of a soft deadline for you there. I'll try and post these updates at least bi-weekly if possible, so there will be more chances later as well.

RMN Music Pack 2

Some questions I just thought of: What are the rules on alternate versions of the same track, e.g. a version without percussion and version with, or a piano version along with a music box version? Also, can we title the tracks ourselves or do they have to be generic descriptors?

If you have alternate versions of specific track, then most likely we'll include 1 version in the final cut of the music pack, and the other versions can be made available in the download version that has everything submitted to the event included in it.

Titles of the tracks: It's actually good that you brought this up as I should also include it in the submission guidelines. You can title the tracks as you want, or at least we did in the first music pack, but we still all went for somewhat descriptive names, so that anyone using the music pack can perhaps navigate through its offerings with less of an effort.

When you render your track, also be sure to include the artist name you wish to use in the music pack. I can also include this later when compiling the final pack, but if you do it with your first render it'll save me some effort of confirming which nicks everyone has decided to use later.

RMN Music Pack 2

Alright, we've got a good start here. Everyone participating: remember to sign-up your team to the event on this page, and consider joining the discord at https://discord.gg/2YfdJNg if you're looking for instant feedback. The discord has been pretty active so far!

I've also increased the contribution awards slightly as we got some new donations from community members!