Devil's in the details
I'm a very big fan of music of japanese role playing games for it has influenced me throughout my life since my early childhood. The day I saw Nobuo on the stage in front of me I decided I too will become a composer one day. It has been 9 years since that day.

You can't find my works anywhere right now, but that will change very soon this year as I will be contributing several original tracks for RMN Music Pack 2.


The Trade Topic

There's often certain factors in game development that we could use help with. Be it scripting / graphics / music / sounds / testing and feedback / proofreading, etc.

Now there isn't always a chance to get a willing person to help you out, but let's hope this topic helps fixing that.

Here's the idea:
In this topic you may request help for whatever it is you need help with in your game making process, but you have to offer something in return. And when a member browses this topic and becomes interested in your offer, he'll pm you.

If your request is fulfilled and no longer valid, just edit your post.

Here's a form you may use:
[b]Requesting:[/b] write here
[b]Offering:[/b] write here
[b]Links to own works:[/b] write here

Here's my own request for example:

Hey, I would need some assistance in editing scripts for Rpg Maker VX. Mostly customizing the looks of Yanfly's Melody battle systems and menu. Possibly help with a custom skill system script as well.

Offering: Custom music / Graphical Edits / Game System Sound Design (manufactured sounds) / Testing and feedback / Mapping

Links to own works:
Latest music: http://rpgmaker.net/games/3027/media/148/
Graphical works & mapping: http://rpgmaker.net/users/Happy/games/
What comes to testing, I did rip Forever's End in a 40 page beta report. You can ask NicoB if he was happy.

Use common sense with the trades and discuss the amount of work you're trading in PMs. Usually both parties are expected to use about same amount of time & effort as they receive in return.

VX monsters

Soo, I was searching around for VX monster battle sprites, but couldn't find what I was looking for. I used to have a few sites where they could be found, but I've lost the links since then.

So I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to link some sites for VX monsters? I'm mostly looking for the uh... monster that are similar in style with VX default monsters, as opposed to some more simplistic styles. (and mainly for front view) I remember some sites that had bunch of different demonish enemies and whatnot, but can't remember what site that was. Other sort of monsters do as well, too.

Call out for composers!

Hey there! I've had several ideas for different sort of musical collaborations and events to be held here at rmn for a while, but I'm not sure how many active composers we actually have.

I know a few composers do lurk around here at rmn, but are there any that would actually be interested in collaborative projects, contests and the like?

I have several nifty ideas for a few different events, but I'd like to know if there are potential participants. Most of these ideas don't require much more than creating a song or a few occasionally, though it mostly depends on how involved one wants to be.

It would be cool if you could also mention how long you have been composing and what sort of music you like to create. And for actual collaborations it would be handy to know what sequencers and sound libraries people here use. Oh and if you prefer to work around midi or mp3(wav / ogg), of course.

Looking forward to have some replies. :D

ps. I'm just asking if any composers come around here. You don't have to feel bad for not participating some of the coming events, even if you reply here!

Anime recommendations

Yeah... I'm aware there's many people around here, who're like "lol, animu", but there's probably as many that do still watch some.

I used to watch anime a lot more before, than I do these days, and most often I feel too lazy to dig through for some decent stuff anymore. I view that most of the stuff released these days are aimed for younger audience than myself and I find them usually too ridiculous or boring to stick to, but every now and then there's some good series, that may just be a bit hard to find.

I got idea for this topic because I just stumbled across to a new anime that definitely made it to my top favorites, the series being Steins;Gate.

(My favorites before it included some titles like Berserk, Monster, Death Note, TTGL, Mushishi, GTO, Twelve Kingdoms, Baccano! etc.) So if you like any of those animes, it's very likely you'll enjoy Steins;Gate, too.

Steins;Gate could be tagged with mystery, Sci Fi, Psychological, Thriller and Suspense genres, but basically it's a well directed anime with a serious plot line, that doesn't pull too many retarded or ridiculous turns.

Things I didn't like about it were that it was a bit slow paced at first and had some irrelevant references and silliness I didn't care much for, but when the series got around mid point, it pulled several great twists and got pretty awesome.

It wasnt't bad for the first half either, just not as great as it gets at later point. The stuff introduced at the beginning are also used as reference material later on in the show.

Here's sort of recommendation trailer of the series.

(made it myself as I couldn't find any online.)

But yeah, post any good series you want to recommend to other people. Try to include something that gets people interested, without actually spoiling the entire thing.

Post your Music

Post any of your own music in this topic, either complete songs, or songs you're still working on. Doesn't matter if they're old or new, or how they've been created.

All feedback, commentary and discussion for songs posted in this thread is encouraged!

Sound Dump ala Rei

Latest updates:

27th August 2011: Posted 3 new tracks for the Disconnect Original Soundtrack and a fixed up version of the world map theme:


29th July 2011: Uploaded a cleaned up version of Those Who Battle on youtube:

26th July 2011: Uploaded a cleaned up version of Disconnect Original Soundtrack: Open World theme on youtube:

26th July 2011: Cleaned up and uploaded new versions of Open World and Those Who Battle on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/matiasheimlander

25th July 2011: Completed Those Who Battle (a cyberpunk battle theme) : http://soundcloud.com/matiasheimlander/those-who-battle

25th July 2011: Completed first track of Disconnect Original Soundtrack (in progress) : http://soundcloud.com/matiasheimlander/sets/disconnect-original-soundtrack/

25th July 2011: You can now follow me at Soundcloud at http://soundcloud.com/matiasheimlander


Hey there. I've always been interested in the idea of being able to compose my own music for videogames, so in 2010 summer after going to a Distant World concert and seeing mr. Uematsu in person, I thought: "Hell, why not." and began practising as soon as I got back home, with no real music theory base at all.

I borrowed a synth keyboard from a friend of mine and just jumped on the gun, spending all my days in my room, trying to make my ideas into some sort of songs. Lot of people suffered because of this, but I have got a lot of useful feedback, and I also hope it doesn't cease!

Nowadays I am composing soundtracks for two RM games, and am aiming to finish a few more after them. I hope to hit commercial some day.

Here are some old works of mine:

Art by: wierdbabe at Deviant Art

This is a game soundtrack piece for a cartoony Wild West themed sidescroller game, made as a request. I wanted to make it sound a bit more lighthearted than the spaghetti westerns and bring some fantasy / game feeling into it.

The general structure took a few hours, but when I changed some of the instruments I had in there first, it took many hours to get some harmony back in there. I'm not entirely happy with how the pizzicato sounds, but as I started the song around it, I didn't feel like changing it. Maybe I'll try to fix it up a bit some day.

Below you can find some of my older works. Melodies, ideas, scrapped practices, etc. I'm most likely still going to use them later and turn them into proper songs in the future:

Art by: various artists at Deviant Art

Here's a compilation of some of my old practices, melodies and song ideas.

I started to practice composing music for videogames in the summer of 2010. These are some of my past works to show some progress from my first song until the most recent ones. These songs vary from melody ideas to scrapped practices. They generally lack of proper structure, motifs, harmony and etc.

I am most likely still going to use these ideas in the future and create them into proper full pieces.

(Juicier bits are naturally towards the end.)

Ode for lockers

I can't speak behalf of everyone when I want to highlight the importance of management options for users' personal lockers, but if there were a few mentionable options, it'd make my life a lot easier at least.

Today at work I was cleaning up my RMN locker and I managed to spend at least an hour doing so. The main problem was being not able to delete more than one file at a time and after every time doing so I was thrown back to the first page of my locker again, so I had to relocate the part where I was left. One very convinent option would be the ability to delete multiple files at a time, maybe by checkboxing them or something?

It would also be handful being able to sort the files by their size, or date added, seeing these details are also included on the list.

Mostly I'd just want to be able to delete multiple files and after doing so automatically being able to return to the same locker page.

As far I know there is also a glitch where your previous file would show up if you uploaded a new version of it in your locker with the same name. Or is this related to the browser cookies or something?

Anyway, I don't know how hard these changes would be to apply, but I think they would greatly improve the locker accessibility for people like me who use it a lot when working in collaboration with other RMNers.

I think the RMN locker is very, very useful tool for people who collaborate in projects with other people here on RMN. It's an easy and quick online storage system to access and to upload previews of your work (graphics, music, scripts, anything) to show to the other developers and I like how it's connected to the place where you can find everyting - the developers as well as the final products being worked on here.

As I think the lockers are maybe a slightly underrated, but one of RMN's strong features, it'd be great to see these small changes made to improve their accesibility.

ps. I still haven't got my entire locker cleaned up.

Video thread

Post dem, your favorite videos!

Guild Wars 2

Thought I'd share this in case there are some friends of MMOs here.


I never personally played the first Guild Wars game myself, but I just somehow got lost to the Guild Wars 2 site today, and man isn't this game pretty. Now as a person who have played WoW myself, I was wondering if this game will have as smooth mechanics for the combat as WoW did, but I watched a few videos and they showed you'll be even able to dodge incoming attacks, etc. and move freely around during the combat, without having the mobs "locked" to you, so it seems kinda promising to me. That still doesn't say anything at all and that gameplay section in one of those videos looked really easy, but then again, it was from the starting area after all, so it's hard to judge anything from that alone.

Well, instead of repeating everything I've read and watched, I'll point you right to it:

Impressions article in gamespot:

Some videos. (The game really does look pretty stunning.)

Gameplay videos:

I'm still looking for more information about this game myself while typing this post, but I was wondering if anyone else here is looking forward to this game? Anyone who've played the first one? What sort of impression it gave? What sort of impression did it give about the developer? I remember Guild Wars being quite popular at one point few years ago, but then I didn't hear anything about it anymore. (I guess they begun creating the sequel, huh?)

I really don't know anything about this game, but I was just very impressed by the visuals, music and the ideas they had for refreshing some of the dull MMO core mechanics.

This just really got my hopes up, because I feel MMOs can offer you some of the best RPG experiences as the worlds feel so immersive when shared online with bunch of other living people.

Edit: added more gamescon videos I found.

Distant Worlds

If anyone here is a fan of Nobuo Uematsu's work and isn't familiar with the Distant Worlds tour yet, then they're missing out on a lot.


Distant Worlds is basically Nobuo's ongoing world-tour which origins from tours like Tour de Japon and Dear Friends: music from FINAL FANTASY. These days it's going by the name Distant Worlds II and is conducted by Arnie Roth, while Nobuo himself pays live attendance to many of the concerts as well. He was even singing One Winged Angel in the choir in the Stockholm concert I was earlier this summer.

They play only pieces from Final Fantasy series though, but all of these pieces have been re-arranged and orchestrated by cooperation of Nobuo and some other(?) composers.

I was in Distant Worlds II concert myself last June and I personally find it very hard to describe how awesome experience that concert was. This is why I recommend anyone who likes this music go and experience it themselves if they ever get the chance. They play some video footage on big screens too, but I found those very distracting myself.

Here's a video to give a slight idea what the concerts are like, even though this doesn't come anywhere close to what it sounds and feels like live:

The future concerts are always announced on their site, and recently they have been doing a few two day concerts, which means double amount of the awesomess.

So I was wondering has anyone been to these? If not, how come!

The Distant Worlds CDs are totally worth getting too. They're recorded at the Stockholm concert hall, so they give better idea of how good it sounds in the concerts (at least in Stockholm) without such sound quality loss as in the videos:

Here are few tracks that were my favorites when performed live (+ Don't be Afraid was excellent. Okay well all of them were.)