Seasons of RMN III

I'm gonna need to step out of the monthly event. I got a lot on my plate & I don't think I can get something substantial done.

Best of luck to all the other participants. Ill still be checking out all your projects ;)

Goaling It 2020

Goals for 2020: Finish & release Lockheart Indigo, recover from 2019, be more involved on rmn, being a good friend/"mom" ...and also squats. Lots of squats.

...world domination sounds neat, but im saving that for 2030.

Seasons of RMN III

Hyped to join in! So many ideas.... So many plans... ;3

Grimm's Hollow

Wow! Very impressed that this level of quality was made within one month. I was very moved by the story. Good lore & world building. Not to mention the beautiful art & music! Props to the writing. Interesting leveling system.

All in all, congrats on your fantastic game! <3

Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-up)

Sign me up!

I'd love fanart of my characters or any form of fan content. If your in the mood to make a game, I'm really into psychology, crime thrillers, & political dramas. I also live anything that has strong aesthetics or atmosphere.

My game is currently in the process of submition, but you can also find it here: https://harmlessgames.itch.io/lockheart-indigo

Thanks in advance & happy gifting~

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