RMN Christmas Card 2020

No worries, Frogge. Take the time you & thank you for organizing this. I know it takes a toll, but don't let it get ya down! Best of luck! ^^

The Lady Puppet

OOH! This looks amazing! I can't wait to see more ^^


Jakob looks adorable! O///O"

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2020

Man, wish I could join, but I'll be way too busy. Happy holidays to you all ^^


Momo Bomber

Wonderfully cute game! Great art & very charming character design. Nice use of scripts too. The extra flare it adds is great & give the game its own personality. I find the jump fine as it is, but I did wish momo moved a little faster (both in walking & jumping). Very original spin on an RPG Maker Game. Keep at it! ^^

What are you jamming to?

I love industrial & punk, but Ive been (totally not) crying over this song while thinking about my ships.

What are you thinking about right now?

I hope BOTW2 lets you play as Zelda & she can have a sheik outfit.

Videogame and Anime Music Mashups

I love everything about this. Thank you for sharing ^^

RMN Christmas Card 2020

Finito! Very happy to be join this adorable event! <3
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