Just a normal 18 years old German who enjoys writing stories with his girlfriend, making some music, playing a lot of RPGs, Touhou and Yu-Gi-Oh! and watching some Anime. Okay... i take that "normal" back.



[Poll] A poll and discussion about random battle encounters: how they may be implemented.

The last option would be the most logical way of making encounters. I personally like random battles and I also use random battles for my games so far (although I would like to have something like a Migrant Seal kind of system so you can skip battles if you don't want to a certain degree (the Wild ARMs series did a lot of things right actually)).
At the moment, I have an Item which lowers the chance of fighting monsters. I don't want to fully disable encounters because I want to give some small enemies something like a 1% chance of a very rare drop so you can grind the hell out of it (Not really 1%, but something not to high for maybe a Trielemental Negator Ring for fire, ice and thunger).
Making enemies visible is in my opinion kinda boring. I'd just make a lowlevel run then because why should I bother? Also its quite hard to make movement patterns in order to make those things at least semi-logical. If there are enemies, they would most likely want to surprise you, right? xD Sometimes it surprises you more (AMBUSHED!!), sometimes you were two steps ahead (Preemptive Strike!!) and sometimes you turned around just in time (Normal). Seeing enemies on the map would completely ruin it unless running into them from behind results in a preemptive strike and getting hit by them from behind results in an ambush.
But you will definitely need a pattern because otherwise, it is just meh to make...

But thats just why i like random encounters. I voted for the last one, since it is the logical thing but if you wanna have something to grind on your monsters. Otherwise... oldschool.

Etheria Review

Yeah, spending lots of money for a programm you don't like as much as its predecessor would be nonsense. Considering that she just survived a crash it is kind of alright.

Well, I didn't even use the Potions in battles, just between the battles. The only item i used in the fight against the vampire was a magic water for Lucius to continue casting LV1 Holy. The defense stats from the shields were the overkill i guess. Like... Bats: They deal around 50-60 damage to Marsha and 5 damage to Clara on the same level. It doesn't get better later. Marsha receives a lot of damage (which is natural for a mage), but Therese and Harold just wipe some dust off of their shoulder plates. Too much maths, agreed.

Etheria Review

Hm, alright. Wasn't too familiar with the event.
As I said, I liked what you made of Therese, Lucius and Harold. Just Marsha felt a bit meh. The Clara story is a bit sad but okay.

Balancing is hard. Now that i know of the time problem, i can understand it more. If the non-mage items were a bit weaker in terms of defense, the game would have a decent difficulty imo.

For the battleback: http://imgur.com/Ha2zCpl. Very first encounter (backtracked a bit).

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Actually, why not just put the associated spells on the catalysts themselves? Characters equip catalysts, right? I mean, you might need to mess with how equipment works, or what equipment can go where, but, it's a thought. Maybe I'm over-simplifying what you're trying to do, though.

How it works now is: As long as you have the offensive catalyst "Relais: Spark" equipped, you can use "Relais: Spark", if you change it, you have another offensive machina.
To your idea: A Common Event System could be nice too actually... The thing you thought is what I have done with the Traits-System of the Maker so far though. But nice idea to get Common Events into action. Thanks a lot :)

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I am currently working on a script-free system which allows me to avoid the extreme spell quantity in battles where just 2 spells are really needed.
For little explanation: In my game there is magic which no human can actually control and "Machina" which is in fact artificial magic which can either be obtained by implanting chips or holding certain catalysts. At the moment, I've got 2 catalyst slots (one offensive and one defensive one) to cover those up so the maximum amount of spells for each character would be " + + ". I try to make that number lower than 10 for all characters but it seems rather hard.
If anyone else has a better idea how to do something like that, feel free to tell me. So far I just tried to simplify the Crest Graph system from Wild Arms Alter Code: F strongly but i bet someone can come up with something even better.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I am currently playing my all-time favorite Wild Arms Alter Code: F. I love this game altho I never got to play it until 2 weeks ago. I was watching LPs of it and everything and was superhyped everytime i rewatched it but playing it myself is, as expected, a million times better. I think I will replay it quite often xD

Post your Music

Last Era, Evening Stroll
I made this together with a friend of mine. It's our latest thing... We planned on doing more as I have to practise a lot to make something audible but our inspiration is somehow at a minimum...

Who is Harrolaxic?

Alright people, I think my first post belongs here so... I'll try to post something great.

So... I am Harrolaxic (what a stupid name actually), some random German who happened to get into Maker work. I am currently working on two german projects (which I won't name, since my german nickname is not the same as my nickname here) and one english project which is currently named "The Aether Project" (another stupid name!). It's some kind of pseudo-scifi with a future world and a fantasy-past thingie. But I don't wanna say too much about "The Aether Project", I've got enough time for that later.

I am into Maker working since 2011 or something when I started to do stuff with the RM2k3. It was quite fun but I never seemed to get a project at least half done. After some time I switched to the VX Ace and ported my german projects from the VX Ace to the MV just because I like the systems a lot more than the VX Ace ones. So I am using the RPG Maker MV for all of my projects. All 3. Well let's say 2 since the third isn't much. So just one unnamed german thing and "The Aether Project". I still have the curse of being unable to finish stuff, except for one little thing for some german contest. But all my other projects just lost their charme to me. Didn't happen for that german one. I am working on that for 3 years, so well... I like it. But that's not the point again, i am writing way too much.

I am much of the story and worldbuilding type. Together with my girlfriend who is really good in developing stories and kicking my butt if I have something which doesn't fit to the world I built, I made up a lot of stories (which got actually finished but not formed into a game sadly. But we could make a book out of our stories :D)

I thought, since I have one english project, I should sign up in an english community. Was first looking into the heaven but welp... everything's dead there. Sad cuz my first favorite english RM game (Feral Dreams) was released there. So now I am here. I hope you can get along with my semi-decent English. I am trying my best.

Cya on the boards,
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