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Fundamental RPGology Thread

This is the follow-up discussion for the game design event Fundamental RPGology

Once again, thanks to everyone who took part to the contest, or couldn't but still want to talk about it!

Many awesome ideas have been exchanged and more are certainly to come. Feel free to use this thread to discuss each other's entries, ideas that you could not implement, or anything else that could make a contribution to the discussion on how to improve, refine and expand the design of RPG battle systems!

Contest entries:

Here are links to all the accepted entries, sorted by author in alphabetical order (protest if I forgot you!). Many can be found on the main event page but some have their own gamepage, so it's better to centralize everything here.

AegixDrakan: Delusions of Duty - Gamepage

azalathemad: External link

caparo: Battle System Experiment
+list of states and skills

Cap_H: Mace Blue Arena

Karin's soulkeeper: Karin's battle system - Gamepage

Marrend: Oracle of Askigaga Duel test - Gamepage

NeverSilent: The Campaign - Contest Version - Gamepage

rosesarecrimson: Queen of the Ring - External link

Treason89: 3xT - Three Treason Theories - Gamepage


LouisCyphre: Essence Enforcer Battle Demo - External link
+ Essence Enforcer - Battle Demo Guide
Still not working despite judges asking for a reupload, so out of the competition, but worth discussing once reuploaded



Gold: Azalathemad
Silver: Aegix_Drakan
Bronze: NeverSilent


Azalathemad - 236
Aegix_Drakan - 172
NeverSilent - 161
Karin's Soulkeeper - 141
3xT: Elements- 127
3xT: DoT - 122
caparo - 120
3xT: Lens - 97
Cap_H - 96
Marrend - 92

rosesarecrimson - not judged because it seems the implementation is not working according to the ideas
LouisCyphre - not working at all.
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