An old experienced game maker, I've been around making games since the original Verge, moving on to Verge 2 and ika. While not as active these days, my ultimate goal is still to finish Mannux, my Metroid style platformer. I do still have a few new tricks up my sleeve...
Scifi Metroidvania game




Love the colors, very vibrant! Looks fun!

Mannux.. is not dead!

I'll definitely be sure to keep updating here too, to keep the visibility up. :) Glad to see that this place is still going pretty strong too!


Playing around in the test environment for Mannux. Now with widescreen! And new type of automap!


Mannux's new Godot version, testing dialog boxes with the Dialogic plugin!

Mannux.. is not dead!

Hehe, yeah. This has always been my dream game to finish, so one way or another I intend to see it through. Changing to a modern engine has proven to be a good choice. Still have lots of old art assets to still be used, and will definitely have some more to add in too. You definitely won't have to wait so long for another update. :)


A new skill for conveniently killing mobs of evil rabbits..

Winter Review

Ok, so it took a bit longer than I expected.. but the updated version of Winter is out if you wanted to give it a go! There is some new content, a new final skill and the last boss was updated, among other scenario changes to make a new playthrough a bit different. :)

Winter Review

Thank you for the well written and thoughtful review! Your timing on this is impeccable - I am actually working on an updated version of Winter which should address at least some of your issues. In particular I just added an automap! Hopefully in the next month or two it should be done. :)

For context the game was made in about 3 weeks for a gamejam, and so some things were a little rushed, especially the enemy variety. But I'm glad you enjoyed the game for what it is! :)

Winter Review

A very belated reply, but I wanted to say I appreciate the honest and well written review! It's a very old game now, but one I still have nostalgic memories being a part of the team that helped put it together.

I'm actually working on getting a "remastered" version of sorts to add a few quality of life features and make the game a little less frustrating to play through, and hopefully a little more satisfying. No idea when it will be done, but when it is I'll be sure to post it here, and on my itch.io page. :)

Thank you again!


It is a very classic game. I miss those days.

Also, I'm back. Again. :)
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