Lost Land Ruin: Volume 1

J-Man, get me another mirror for your game, 'cause it takes an hour to download your game in your current host, find a faster DL site for it!

Anticipated Games 2009

I anticipate the NetGame Crisis Saga series, teh MONOPOLO (wanna make a bloody, gory mod for it!), Last Bible, and the finishing of Backstage 2!

Project DOAD

For the art, big-eyed indeed. Oh yeah, I liked Meiling's clothing design actually. Later on, I'll play your game, Skie.

BTW, your XP game gave me an idea for me to continue NetGame Crisis Saga. Originally they're for an RM2K3 game, right? (pertaining to sprites and tilesets used)

Character Template Woes: Some Decent Templates for a TBS Game

I guess so. Now I'm stuck on fiddling with the Paradigm or with my CLOW template. Plus, I'm recycling several RM2K3 resources for this too.

Character Template Woes: Some Decent Templates for a TBS Game

BUMP for no response. This may cause my NetGame Crisis Saga's temporary stop, and work on Supernova first.

Character Template Woes: Some Decent Templates for a TBS Game

Guys, I'm experiencing a game-dev's block (or I described as Game Developer Crisis Syndrome), I have the story, the characters are set, I've decided to recycle RM2K3 resources on my RMXP game, but what charset templates can be decently used in a tactical RPG? Half-Kaizers are obviously hard to use for a TBS to be honest.

Release Something! Day VI: Return of the Jedi [Mar 20th]

For RS6:
I might do a cross-over game consisting of different characters from my unfinished games. Call it as Project Supernova.

'Cause NetGame Crisis Saga's not yet ready, even though the dreaded date 9/9/9's fast approaching.

have you ever lost hope in your project

Yup, especially during my days working on File Of Mankind/File of the Utopia games (er... more of a supposed-to-be series). And it's about to happen again, but this time on my NetGame Crisis Saga, due to graphical demands (I can't use RMXP RTP for it may ruin the game's atmosphere).

[PLOT] Project NGCS-PS

About the gameplay of NGCS, well you play in two worlds alternately. What you can do in FOMO, well obviously, fight monsters, do quests, craft weapons, and even "trade" to other PCs (though they're NPCs too).

The battle system here is a team-based tactical battle system, like Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis.

In the real world, you can check your in-game e-mail, in-game bulletin boards (reminiscent to MegaMan Battle Network 2-6's BBS) for tips and tricks, in-game trades, and even MMO bashing threads (thanks mmosite.com for all of that!).

There are also times that you're forced to log out from FOMO, especially if one of your friends just died in-game and you have to save them or something.

Did I speak of the ADAM AI? Oh yeah, its initial purpose was somewhat like the role of The Director of Left4Dead, it analyzes every player, monster and battle handling events. That way, ADAM can produce in-game events even with or without the game moderators' plans for their events. All it needs now, a series of answers from the GMs and to the development team of FOMO.

Good thing there's no such thing as Data Drain*
*until NetGame Crisis Saga: Party! (where I, Hatsuya Kanzaki will be playable), Level-Up!, Patch-Up!, Grind, Virus, until Ban

Whats your theme song?

I have three theme songs actually:

Exterminate Time (from Kamen Rider KIVA) by TETRA-FANG
Platinum Smile (from Kamen Rider the NEXT) by Riyu Kosaka
What I've Done by Linkin Park