Character Template Woes: Some Decent Templates for a TBS Game

Guys, I'm experiencing a game-dev's block (or I described as Game Developer Crisis Syndrome), I have the story, the characters are set, I've decided to recycle RM2K3 resources on my RMXP game, but what charset templates can be decently used in a tactical RPG? Half-Kaizers are obviously hard to use for a TBS to be honest.

[PLOT] Project NGCS-PS

NetGame Crisis Saga: Platinum Smile
by Eriol Von Clowphengire / Cardcaptor Hatsuya / Hatsuya Kanzaki

(I won't be using Hatsuya as my name anymore, he's my character in one of my future NGCS games!)

STORY (Altered from the previous NGCS Thread):

Year 2011 A.D., existing online games still played by millions worldwide until...

A company decided to break the existing MMO trend by integrating virtual reality into the game, at a lower cost. This is where two Japanese companies named Vexel Entertainment & ExaStream Technologies came in.

A new sci-fi fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game created by Vexel Entertainment, in cooperation with ExaStream Technologies. The game was entitled as File of Mankind Online or called as FOMO. The game took 5 years to finish due to implementation and integration of low-cost virtual reality devices, and to an "intelligent AI" installed on the game.

The low-cost virtual reality devices consists of a special durable goggle with a USB cord, and an "integrator" ring (to be worn on an index or ring finger).

Year 2016, this is where ExaStream decided to open up a closed beta test in Grand Tokyo. This closed beta test allowed only 1500 CBT entrants via online registration on their FOMO site.

WARNING! This is the plot itself!
Chiharu and her friends joined into the game. The game at first succeeded, and even surpassed RF Online 2, Aion, Ragnarok Online 2, Emil Chronicle Online and World of Warcraft V4 in official game reviews. A week after the CBT started, one of the closed-beta testers "socialized" with an AI Entity nicknamed ADAM

After socializing with the AI, he was killed by ADAM in a form of a platinum-haired school-girl. His player reported dead, with severe lacerations on neck and his fingers "exploded".

This is where the Platinum Smile Phenomenon started.

Chiharu and her friends have to save other closed beta testers from being attacked by the Platinum Smile, or even destroy IT. What ExaStream made might cause a digital apocalypse if left unchecked.

NOTE: What I've said there are fictitious.

Who or what is ADAM?
What made the Platinum Smile Phenomenon commence?

NetGame Crisis Saga was inspired in Pulse (american remake of Kairo), .hack series, Kamen Rider the Next (obviously, the names!)

"I'm born again" (in RMN)

Hello boys and girls of RMN, I'm Hatsuya Kanzaki. I am a member here on RMN last 2007 but short-lived due to development of my current & first RMXP game entitled NetGame Crisis Saga (and it's not Silver Sunflowers anymore).

I am a 19-year-old Filipino currently in Computer Science course (and soon to specialize in Digital Animation and Software Development ).

I play different Asian-made MMOs, recently I'm playing an Filipino MMOFG entitled Bangu-Bang Mania (Medabots-esque Street Fighter with Grand Chase setting). Speaking of MMOs, I like playing...

Holic (Lv25 Fencer Rogue + Lv21 Two-Hand Sword Warrior )
Fiesta Online (Lv26 END-type Fighter & Lv18 Battle Cleric)
SMT: Imagine Online(Lv11 Negotiator Ranger)
Grand Chase (Lv22 Knight Elesis & Lv8 Mage Arme)
Operation 7(Lv6)

Though most of them ended up intentionally abandoned due to NetGame Crisis Saga except Bangu-Bang Mania & Operation 7.

Favorite console & PC games? Well... Front Mission series (only up to 3), Megaman Legends, MegaMan Battle Network (I finished 1, 2, 3, 4, and cheated later on 5 & 6 by the Forbidden App), Parasite Eve, Tactics Ogre, Doom (up to Doom 3) and recently added, Left4Dead.

Just to let you know that I'm a proud Kamen Rider/Masked Rider fanatic since Black, Black RX, then to Ryuki, followed by Faiz, Blade, Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva and now Decade.

I am a spriter, though for small-scale ones like RM2K3-ish, and now a bit capable of doing mugshots/facesets in Fire Emblem style.

Farewell Foget, and I'm Born Again [Saraba, Fogetto, mou ore sanjou!]

GW is hell, worse than the world in Max McGee's Backstage games!

GW is not too open for Japanese tokusatsu shows like Kamen Rider (except a few knew Kamen Rider RX and Kiva), and that made me a bit peeved.

I'm no longer the Hatsuya Kanzaki you first knew, I'm no longer the Den-O guy (y'know what that means). Still, I have my Kamen Rider (minus Den-O) obsession with me until now.

Oh yeah, I'm still working on NetGame Crisis Saga (and it's not Silver Sunflowers anymore!)

[SERIES][PROGRESS][HYPE]Eriol von Clowphengire's NetGame Crisis Saga

"This might be your last grind, 'cause you'll be grinding your way towards Death.
This might be the last time you'll see your well-equipped character.
This might be your... Endgame!"

NetGame Crisis Saga, or NGCS for short is a tactical role-playing game made by yours truly, Hatsuya Kanzaki (Eriol Clowphengire from now on). The game takes place in an online game called "File of Mankind Online", a fictional & anticipated sci-fi fantasy online roleplaying game. What made the fictional MMO special is that the character customization they've catered, where your picture can be used as a basis to generate your character. Plus, the game world catered lots of character classes to use.

Until a strange feature was added, you die also in the real world if you've encountered the "Platinum Smile Phenomenon".

File of Mankind Online was launched by Vexel Entertainment for a worldwide closed beta test, where only 200 selected players from each country can play, and one of them is Chiharu Yamanaka. Chiharu, a die-hard MMO player and at the same time, an avid cosplayer, chose to play the game because of her interest in sci-fi genre.

One week after its CBT launch, mysterious player deaths occur worldwide. Chiharu and her other friends online should either solve it or exploit it? Who knows...

^ Plus, here are the sprite previews for the entire series.

Silver Sunflower's EVOLVER System

RMXP Silver Sunflowers' EVOLVER System.

Well, I would like to do this for the SILVER SUNFLOWERS, and that's called the "EVOLVER System". This system integrates the default leveling up system with skill points but called Evolver Points.

But this isn't your typical MMO-styled leveling system either where you merely distribute points.

Okay, each time you win in a tactical battle, the experience points you receive will be multiplied by 100 thus letting you gain Evolver Points. For example:

RTP Ghost:
Experience Points: 16
Evolver Points: 16 * 100 = 1600

Evolver Points lets you "evolve" your character according to your liking. However, Evolver Points are "global", which means you can use these EPs to "develop" or "improve" skills in your character's Evolver Map.

Now, when you level up, usually in default leveling up system, your stats raise according to the curve set in the database. But in the Silver Sunflowers, your stats curves are just flat, this is where you alter your character according to your liking!

However, some characters have certain preconditions to meet. For example:

Max AP +200 Lv 10`
TOTAL Max AP: 2250``
NEXT: Max AP +400
REQUIRES: Fiery Ray Lv5, 5000EP & Character Level 5

` = it means that his Max AP stat was increased 10 times
`` = Angelo's initial AP was 250, then add Max AP +200 (Lv10)

(( more of these will be posted later ))
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