I like to do doodles of silly things
and I'm a pixel artist!

I just started games but I have been doing
artwork for years. Please don't wreck me, I'm new!

I also enjoy baking, and I'm getting married on 15/1/2016,
in just a few months! :D



RMMV - Parallexes Blurred

I asked on Steam and on RPG Maker's website.
I can't get any help here, I'm really at a loss.
I was so inspired yesterday but now I don't see any point to creating, I really appreciate help.

Basically my parallexes are blurred.

You can see what I HAVE done to try and fix it here

But I've tried everything from a basic coding, plugin, to reinstalls.
I don't HAVE a graphics card, I have intergrated graphics, not sure how to change that aspect.

I also changed the resolution of the game to my game's picture res, but nothing fixed it yet.

Do you include character customizations?

Haha, yeah, I'm thinking that too.
That idea of a character sprite depending on class sounds cool, maybe I'll do that.
Well, for the main character!

It's interesting to know what others have done! Thanks!

Do you include character customizations?

(This isn't asking if I should, or how to.)

Just -- do you often do this in your games? Do you allow it?
For my creations, it's going to be an old age rpg game, but I've currently made like, uuhhh....40+ character sets of the main character JUST for the start because they all have different eye colours, skin and hair. I'm thinking this is a silly way to clog up my game, but I really like the idea of character customization! Bah!

Do you think I should just take it out and leave one with each skin colour/ and call it that? That would probably allow more chances to change clothes. I'm worried I'll clog up the game! :P

Do you guys think it's an important aspect?
I really like the idea of being able to make my character someone, not just have it 'premade' as such haha.

Looping Parallex Problem? Is it size?

The answer is yes.
it's too small.
I multiplied it by 48 on width and height and it seems to fit now.

Looping Parallex Problem? Is it size?

So uh. I tried my hand at making a map today!
Really rad.

But I followed a tutorial to a T - (to make it easier, I even exported the map from the game to draw on, so I wouldn't have to worry too much as I've got a severe math disability which means I can't really learn numericals and terms associated with em'.) and it's doing this repeat thing.

I don't want it to do a repeat thing.

Photo!! Clicky clicky.

I didn't think it'd do this.
Anyone know how to fix this?

If this info helps, I thought it would be size issue or something but it's just the default map size, and default map (just drawn on). It's 17 x 13.

(I missed the tag thing. It's RPG Maker MV)

The Dinosaur Festival Review


Thanks so much for reviewing my game!
I appreciate your input! Actually, it is my first game, haha, so I guess thats all right! I'm glad I did OK and people caught onto the jokes for my first one!
I really appreciate your long review, as its very through and doesn't give away the entire storyline either! Thanks again!

The Dinosaur Festival

Thanks for the update guys.
Changed it! :3

The Dinosaur Festival

Hey! This game is totally complete and free to play! <3

The Dinosaur Festival

Making minor adjustments, but can't wait to post it haha. Credits are done!
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