I like to do doodles of silly things
and I'm a pixel artist!

I just started games but I have been doing
artwork for years. Please don't wreck me, I'm new!

I also enjoy baking, and I'm getting married on 15/1/2016,
in just a few months! :D


RMMV - Parallexes Blurred

I asked on Steam and on RPG Maker's website.
I can't get any help here, I'm really at a loss.
I was so inspired yesterday but now I don't see any point to creating, I really appreciate help.

Basically my parallexes are blurred.

You can see what I HAVE done to try and fix it here

But I've tried everything from a basic coding, plugin, to reinstalls.
I don't HAVE a graphics card, I have intergrated graphics, not sure how to change that aspect.

I also changed the resolution of the game to my game's picture res, but nothing fixed it yet.

Do you include character customizations?

(This isn't asking if I should, or how to.)

Just -- do you often do this in your games? Do you allow it?
For my creations, it's going to be an old age rpg game, but I've currently made like, uuhhh....40+ character sets of the main character JUST for the start because they all have different eye colours, skin and hair. I'm thinking this is a silly way to clog up my game, but I really like the idea of character customization! Bah!

Do you think I should just take it out and leave one with each skin colour/ and call it that? That would probably allow more chances to change clothes. I'm worried I'll clog up the game! :P

Do you guys think it's an important aspect?
I really like the idea of being able to make my character someone, not just have it 'premade' as such haha.

Looping Parallex Problem? Is it size?

So uh. I tried my hand at making a map today!
Really rad.

But I followed a tutorial to a T - (to make it easier, I even exported the map from the game to draw on, so I wouldn't have to worry too much as I've got a severe math disability which means I can't really learn numericals and terms associated with em'.) and it's doing this repeat thing.

I don't want it to do a repeat thing.

Photo!! Clicky clicky.

I didn't think it'd do this.
Anyone know how to fix this?

If this info helps, I thought it would be size issue or something but it's just the default map size, and default map (just drawn on). It's 17 x 13.

(I missed the tag thing. It's RPG Maker MV)
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