I am an American writer living in Canada, who streams five days a week. I prefer to play RPG Maker games, but I'll play just about anything if someone will watch me do it!



Sorbetta: Gravely in Debt

I dunno about best, but I hope it's entertaining :P

Umbral Soul Review

Wow...I really don't know what to say, other than THANK YOU.

Just as you mention how seeing someone enjoy what you do really makes it a 'joy to behold' replies like yours are the honest to god reason I do this. Sure, I want to make it big as a Twitch Streamer so I can quit my job...but at the heart...comments like yours make me feel amazing. Thank you for the really kind words. I can't wait for the sequel!

Geiken Review

I also made a review video for Geiken as well:

Where to post Review Videos?

Excellent...thanks for helping to clear that up a bit!

Where to post Review Videos?

Hey...not sure if this is more a suggestion or a general question...but where would someone post review videos? Not 'my opinions of the game as I LP it' but an actual scripted review video?

I know there is the review section of the game's page, but if I post one there that is just a video, will it show up as new media, like if I were to post a LP or something?

Just want to make sure I am posting in the proper place, for the most exposure.

HawkZombie Plays: Legends of Illarion 2 - Part 1

Very cool!!

Storms of April

Is this still being worked on? I would love to help somehow! (This is SketchPCIS, btw)

Casia Review

-Main character can only learn extra skills by exploring the world, but the most effective/powerful ones are hidden
How is this a negative o-o?

Good review otherwise. Open world games are notoriously hard to balance, I feel.

My main issue was that it is entirely possible to NOT learn any as you play the game. And in the end, her basic attack (since I found one of the secret super powerful weapons) was more effective than any skill.
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