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Steam Deck Compatibility List

I own most of those, so I will eventually get to them!

Steam Deck Compatibility List

The list is now at 110 games tested! I may not be able to update more than every couple of days, but if anyone wants me to test something specifically, I'm more than happy to on an off day and add it to the list!

And every one I add to the master list gets a Curator review as well (informational).

Steam Deck Compatibility List

Steam Deck Compatibility List

You might want to create a Steam curator page for this too. You can post weather games work on Steam Deck or not in that group. Also, devs can send curators keys directly instead of requesting them. Requesting takes time and is a pain in the A$$. Just a suggestion to streamline this a bit.

That's a good idea!

Steam Deck Compatibility List

I hope this pans out to be worthwhile for people. Pretty sure you don't even need a Steam Deck to play games like this with Proton, so it's a handy reference for those who want them to run on Linux without having the DEPLOY to Linux.

Steam Deck Compatibility List


Hey all! Your favorite RM streamer here with some exciting news about a project I'm starting!

I am one of those lucky few that have gotten their hands on a Steam Deck fairly early.
Great! Who cares?

Well, thanks to the use of Proton as a Windows shell, many games NOT designed for Linux actually work on the Steam deck fairly smoothly. This includes RPG Maker and Indie titles!

What does this mean for you, as devs? If you have a game on Steam I can test it for compatibility! This is especially helpful if you've also got a native Linux build you want to test. ALSO: I can add games NOT on Steam (such as those located on itch.io) to test as well! It's slightly more involved, but very doable.

Also: This is NOT limited to just the Steam Deck! This is a great way to see if your Steam game runs on Linux using Proton!

What you get:

  • Someone to test if your game is compatible or not (This includes any tweaks or edits to the controller layout that are necessary to make things run smoothly).
  • Your game added to the main compatibility list (see link above) with said notes included.
  • Peace of mind without having to build your own Linux setup to test things out (possible, but time consuming and possibly expensive).
  • (Possibly) Not having to stress about making a Linux compatible build of your game to work with the newest tech toy.
  • All of this FREE of any charge or fee.

What I get:

  • Honestly, not asking for much. If I don't already own your game (If it isn't free) then I humbly request a key to activate it.
  • That's it.
  • Ok, maybe a little internet clout for creating and maintaining the list.

If you've got a game you want me to test, contact me! I can be reached via messages here on the forum, or DMs on Discord (HawkZombie #3131). If we've not had contact before, PLEASE state in your first DM to me WHY you're contacting me. Otherwise I may ignore your message for fear of it being a spam/scambot.

I will test adult games as well, but for obvious reasons I will not link to them on the master list, nor will I discuss them whatsoever here on the forums.

Note: I will be adding games on my own that I already own in my library to help populate the list. Requests are more of a way to see which I should 'move to the front of the list' as it were.

Any questions (or if a game has issues BEYOND the intro and first battle), lemme know!

Where to post Review Videos?

Excellent...thanks for helping to clear that up a bit!

Where to post Review Videos?

Hey...not sure if this is more a suggestion or a general question...but where would someone post review videos? Not 'my opinions of the game as I LP it' but an actual scripted review video?

I know there is the review section of the game's page, but if I post one there that is just a video, will it show up as new media, like if I were to post a LP or something?

Just want to make sure I am posting in the proper place, for the most exposure.
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