Hi my name is Alaina, I am Proud to be a member of the LGBTQ+ Community.
I'm a Transfemale, Male transforming into a female.
Developer, graphic designer, writer,
Mapper and Composer.

Currently in Hiatus for RMVX ACE and RMMV: Wanderers From the Ys III Remake, Swat Frontier: Episode 1, The Springwood Slasher, The Princess Bride, Mrs. Hazelsoft's Grand Adventure, TMNT RPG 2, Transient of Time, Insanity: Blood Omen, Supernatural The Game.

Currently in progress for RMVX ACE: Feelings are Mutual, Forgotten Memories, Knackered, Black Suede: The Zelfar Chronicles (Full Game), Lufia 2 Rise of the Sinisterals VX Ace Version.

Currently in progress for RMMV: The Trans, The Gay, The Transphobe, Saving Christmas, Final Fantasy: Dark Decent.

Currently in progress for RMMZ: Spaced Out(doing events for Muyoko-Honey), Let's Play Pretend.

Completed Games: Don't Eat The Purple Ones, Black Suede: The Zelfar Chronicles(DEMO).

Currently looking for a writer, graphic designer and voice actors.
Black Suede: The Zelfar ...
A timeless Story about A girl named Xu whose parents have gone missing.


01/25/2016 11:15 AM