Hazelsoft was formally known as Hazeleye Productions due to copyright laws, I changed the name to Hazelsoft Inc. but I have rescently made yet another change to the company name so it is now called Hazelsoft Inc Games, also known as Hazelsoft.
Developer, graphic designer, writer.
So I am now a Mapper and Composer.

Currently in Hiatus for RMVX ACE and RMMV: Wanderers From the Ys III Remake, Swat Frontier: Episode 1, The Springwood Slasher, The Princess Bride,Mr Hazelsoft's Grand Adventure, TMNT RPG 2, Transient of Time, Insanity: Blood Omen, Supernatural The Game.

Currently in progress for RMVX ACE: Forgotten Memories, Knackered, Black Suede: The Zelfar Chronicles (Full Game), Lufia 2 Rise of the Sinisterals VX Ace Version.

Currently in progress for RMMV: TMNT RPG 2, Adventures in the Magic Kingdom MV Remake, Buzz's Adventure,Saving Christmas, Star Wars: Knight of the Death Star.

Completed Games: Don't Eat The Purple Ones,Black Suede: The Zelfar Chronicles(DEMO).

Currently looking for a writer, graphic designer and voice actors.
Black Suede: The Zelfar ...
A timeless Story about A girl named Xu whose parents have gone missing.


(SOLVED)[RMMV] Failed to load image for SRD_WalkCharBattlers

Hey everyone I have a problem with the SRD_WalkCharBattler.js when I go to load the game it says Failed to load: img/charcters/%5BHero%5D.png
I have the right stuff for the actors which is <Walk Battler: > what else am I doing wrong. Can anyone help with this error?
Really don't know what else to do with it but I really need Help with this would like to use this plugin for my Final Fantasy game I am making.

[RMMV] Type Error when testing the game?

Hey everyone I am getting this strange error when I test my game, I have tried everything I could think of I am stumped this has never happened to me before.


(SOLVED)[RMVX ACE] Problem with Yanfly Engine Ace - Visual Battlers v1.02

Hello everyone I Making a game called Knackered and I am using the Yanfly Engine Ace - Visual Battlers v1.02.
I have all the party in batter but as re add two characters for the last battle of the scene this error comes up,


What can this error mean?

[RMVX ACE] MoMo Walk Sprite

Hello everyone Hazelsoft here I am in dire need of someone who has spriting skills to make a walking sprite for MoMo from the MoMo Challenge and it needs to be done for RMVX ACE.
If you can help I would put you in to the credits for the game,
here is a picture of MoMo for you to go on.

[RMVX ACE] Night/Day Time to display/ and weather like rain

I was wondering how to set up so that the game I am designing goes from night to day and displays the time like AM and PM and weather like rain.
how do I do this?
I know it is paralle prosess but I am not how to set this.

(SOLVED)[RMVX ACE] Don't want game over screen when charcter dies

I want to have it so that in the opening battle sence when the main character dies it goes back to the screen before the battle started.
How do I do this and where do I go to do this?
Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[RMMV] Black Screen when I test my game?

It was working before but now it is showing a black screen when I test my game?

[RMMV] I need Help With making battle sprites for a TMNT RPG for RMMV

I am making a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game and I need help if someone can make some RMMV Battle sprites of the Turtles, Splinter, April, and Casey Jones. I can give in game credit, Please if someone can do this for me I would greatly appreciate it.

[Solved][RMMV] How do I set two or more events on the same map?

I am designing a game with two others for the McBacon Jam 4 I am not sure how to set two or more events on the same map.
How can I do this, I need help ASAP the McBacon Jam 4 is almost over.
I am not sure how or even if this is possible?

[RM2K3] [RMMV] [RMVX ACE] (for Hire) Mapper and Composer

Hello everyone I am a mapper and composer,
if you need a Mapper or Composer I will be reasonable with what ever you are willing to pay me.
I will also work for in game credit.
Here is some samples of my composer work.
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