I don't get much sleep.
Out the Window
A short CYOA-style adventure made for ShuffleComp 2014

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  • Healy
  • 10/13/2013 02:07 PM

Where The Moon Goes At N...
A freeware RPG about a mysterious island...
Sweet Middleground
A game about the best clock.
A character driven story of grief, revenge and redemption in this SNES inspired fantasy RPG.
"A sinful nature."
How far will someone go for what they want?
The Maid of Fairewell He...
Fairewell Heights, an apartment complex that looks like a castle. There are rooms where love is covered in dust and where ghosts shop. Marshmallow must solve the mystery behind each of these rooms!
A RPG Maker Pixel Horror Adventure game made for IGMC 2018
I Want to Bring Her Back...
He wants to bring her back to life but he doesn't know where to start.
Old Zelda style compo game for ika
Phantasia Gaiden
A RPG reminiscent of old-school Game Boy RPG's.
Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate
Huge 12 Hours+ Fantasy Role Playing Game
The reality you live in is only shaped by your imagination.
A Snowball's Chance
A desperate cook leads some tourists up a mountain to fund an escape from a frozen hell. What's the worst that could happen?
Drill Guy
The Shadows have taken over the Underground World. Only a miner and his drill can save everyone now!
The Disrupted Monarchs
Everything is wrong
Vega Legacy
My own humble offering to the RPG Maker 28th Birthday event.
Aria's Story
A story about a girl who loves books.
Hadefall: Ashen Notes
Explore the dungeon and find the treasure. Simple, right?
Guild Raider!
Light and classic crawler. Explore the sealed Magischolar's Guild to find all 77 magi.
Man's Best Friend
Miles sets out to find his lost dog - a short exploration game
Oblivion Quest
A FF-styled JRPG with a Classic Twist!
A light, wistful tribute to The Little Prince in which a work-in-progress robot befriends a star.
Epic Fantasy RPG
"A joy to sit down and play" - Addit
An open world game with up to 30 hours of gameplay!