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Out the Window
A short CYOA-style adventure made for ShuffleComp 2014

Misaos 2017 :: a playlist on rpgmaker.net

Self Explanatory

  • Healy
  • 01/01/2018 07:51 AM

A modern-day myth of Valkyries versus Ragnarok. IGMC 2017 Finalist.
Crescent Prism: Chapter ...
Perhaps you shall grow into the role one day.
COLORS: Lost Memories
A young girl awakens to find herself in a world devoid of color.
Quest Questers
A quest of quests! Climb the ranks of the guild as you help the people of Lasna!
Monster World Legends
A 35th anniversary tribute to the legendary Wonder Boy franchise.
Fear and Hunger
A dungeon crawler set in very dark and ruthless dungeons of fear and hunger
Mission Whaled
Whale Worshipers on a mission.
A determined mother, a town from her past and a dark secret.
Rezident Evil: It Is Esc...
Enter RPG Maker hell, kill Matt LeBlanc
McBacon Jam 4 submission
Pumpkin Noir
Sleuths Scratching for Cash! Join a couple of good for nothing gumshoes on a mysterious mission to uncover the shocking secrets of Endopolis.
An atmospheric adventure game about a little star on a quest to bring color back to a bleak world.
Pocket Mirror
A thrilling horror game filled with mystery and heartbreaking revelations!
Lakria Legends
Become one with Fate, or forge your own destiny. When a planet is on the brink of extinction, will you become its savior, or its downfall?
Umbral Soul
Build an army. Embrace the darkness. Conquer the world.
Blackmoon Prophecy II
One hundred years after Blackmoon Prophecy, a new threat emerges in the form of mankind's former friends. Espers.
The World Is Destroyed A...
Play as the fallen hero in this side quest-driven Adventure game.