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Out the Window
A short CYOA-style adventure made for ShuffleComp 2014




Yo, I'd be interested in doing this!

Dreamaria Review

Thanks for the kind words! I've been away from the site (and gamemak) for a while, but it's nice to to see that someone enjoys one of my old games. I keep meaning to come back to Dreamaria, but I would probably have to tighten up some of the worldbuilding if I wanted to get serious about it, which is probably why I haven't gotten around to it yet, haha.

Again, thanks for the review, and take care!

Mr. Bun-Bun's Pastel Adventure Review

Thanks! I'm glad you liked the game, slight as it is.

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright :: 2022 Gammak Challenge!

At last, an animal included in the 2K/2K3 RTP! I'll have to make something for this.

Sandy and the Christmas Card Caper Review

Thanks for the review! I'm flattered that you'd take it as an example for a project, haha.

Yummy Breakfast Review

Way late to this, but thanks for the review! I'm glad you noticed the character portraits changing over time; adding little details like that is one of my favorite parts of game design.

A Vacation In Nebula Review

You're welcome!

Nomination November

Like Frogge, I, too, have made a promo image.


Is this Secret of Mana rips?

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2020

Yo, I'm in!

I mostly make games with RPG Maker 2k/2k3, so any kind of resources for that would be great. Graphics, midis, what have you. I especially like faceset graphics, but even a system set would be appreciated.

Not looking for any reviews of my games, but if you'd like to do a Let's Play of one of them that'd be great!

I'm a pretty big fan of the Stan twins from Gravity Falls, so anything relating to them would be great.

Finally, if you want to make a short dumb game for me I'd welcome it!