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Out the Window
A short CYOA-style adventure made for ShuffleComp 2014




Is this Secret of Mana rips?

Secret Santa Sign-ups 2020

Yo, I'm in!

I mostly make games with RPG Maker 2k/2k3, so any kind of resources for that would be great. Graphics, midis, what have you. I especially like faceset graphics, but even a system set would be appreciated.

Not looking for any reviews of my games, but if you'd like to do a Let's Play of one of them that'd be great!

I'm a pretty big fan of the Stan twins from Gravity Falls, so anything relating to them would be great.

Finally, if you want to make a short dumb game for me I'd welcome it!

RMN Christmas Card 2020

Can we submit more than one piece of art?

A Collection of Firsts

NAME: Delicious Breakfast

ENGINE: Inform 7


DESCRIPTION: Delicious Breakfast is actually a 2010 recreation of the first game I ever made, which would have been about 2007 or so. (I distinctly remember debating with myself over whether I should submit it to that year's IF Comp.) It was more testing out Inform than anything else, and I think my frustration with the engine shows itself in the, uh, tone the game takes.

Looking back it's definitely got some issues, but I think you can see a pretty clear impression of my later "style", so to speak.


  • 7 points to win!
  • One full room of activity!
  • Shocking plot twists!
  • Delicious Breakfast!!!

SCREENSHOTS: Since this is a text-based game, how about some quotes instead?
author=Delicious Breakfast
Your cozy kitchen is very useful for making all sorts of things, but especially Delicious Breakfast! And you just love your new curtains! They go great with the window!

Your counter is spick and span just the way you like it!

On the counter are a bag of bread, a box of cereal, a bowl, and a mixer.

Your beautiful kitchen table that Mrs. Marcia gave you is in the middle of the kitchen. It's too bad she had to go!

On the table are an apple, a banana, a plate, a fork, and a spoon.

Underneath one of the table legs you spy a scuzzy fruit thing. Mmm! Looks Yummy!

Your lovely refrigerator, or fridge, is pressed against the wall, waiting for you to take its treasures.
author=Delicious Breakfast
You gobble the banana down. The peel was the most Delightfully Delectable part! Mmm! Delicious Breakfast!
author=Delicious Breakfast
>x milk
The carton is a few months past its expiration date, but that doesn't stop it from being a source of Delicious Breakfast!

>eat milk
(first taking the carton of milk)
You open the carton and guzzle the milk. Mmm! Gooey and slimy, just the way you like it! Then you swallow the carton. Mmm! Delicious Breakfast!

Next Event Team Scouting

Graphics: I've made a couple facesets, battlers, and title screens. I could probably try my hand at some simple tilesets and character graphics.
Sound: Uh, I could trek over to the library to do some voice work, I guess?
Script: Haha no.

Valentiny Event

Here's my game! I didn't have time for a last minute test, so it's probably super buggy. Plus it's kind of super janky, too. Oh, well.

Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-up)

I'm waaaaaay late to the thread, but Dudesoft gifted me fanart of three of my games! It's so cute!

Thank you, Dudesoft!

Night of the Lapinoids Review

Thanks for the kind review! I'm glad you thought it was funny.

Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-up)

Sure, I'll sign up.

Stuff that I'd like: honestly any kind of RPG Maker resource. I usually use RM2K but I also have both XP and VX Ace. I'm always a fan of facesets/expression sets, but even a simple system set would be nice.

Failing that, a small (~5-minutes) game would be great, or maybe some fanart of one of my own games?

Room Escape

Btw. the name thomas is nowhere in the game to be found.
So it's not possible to find the answer in the game.

Actually, if you watch the TV while it's on the first channel:
Next up on our infinite frights
playlist is local Woesburg native
Thomas Johnson's finest hour, in...
Night of the Living Husks!