Well, I've had ideas for RPGs floating in my head since
childhood, I figured it was time to put thoughts into
I want the world I'm making to have details, characters,
and most importantly, an overarching theme.



For rm2k3, can common events take the place of battle events

Thank you to all

For rm2k3, can common events take the place of battle events

This might also be a problem, the specific character is set with their equipment as locked, basically I want to be able to change the equipment but I don't want the player to. Is this not possible?

For rm2k3, can common events take the place of battle events

Thank you, I thought I recall something in the help file about how the equipment will be created if it wasn't present. But I'll probably try experimenting with that.

For rm2k3, can common events take the place of battle events

I want to use a skill to swap the weapons of another combat in the middle of battle.
So far, a common event I put in place is supposed to switch on when another character uses a skill, I made it a parallel process event that changes the equipment then turns its switch off (in case its used again). Its not working, at all, I'm wondering if it would work if I made it a battle event. Is it even possible to change equipment in battle?

(the purpose of this is to change the attack of a character that's on auto-pilot, to give the illusion another character is "commanding" them)


Ok, so, this doesn't represent progress, just ideas. Basically, in the same way that the Captain commands Biggs and Wedge, Jaylan will command her familiar here, Fae. The graphics do not match each other at all. I don't think they ever will unless I either take a class in game design or I get some outside help. Not that I'm trying to solicit anyone, its just the truth.


InfectionFiles did the editing for this, its a new title screen.

End of Legends

Hello, thanks for letting me know about map008, the
thing is there is no map008. I think what's causing that
is that Trademeet, the next map, is a parent map for
for maps that contain things which no longer exist.
Any help is extremely appreciated, I'm going to upload
something I think should work better.

Regarding other people's questions:

1. I'm an American
2. If the demo works like it does on my machine, it took
my friend about 2 hours to finish
3. I have no skills with graphics whatsoever. I downloaded GIMP 2
following a suggestion, but don't understand any the terms it uses.
I mostly cut and paste in paint until something works how I want
it to. The faded image quality luckily for me, fits in with the
color scheme(poorly) of the rest of the game IMO. There are no
original graphics in this game besides what I've mix and matched in
4. I put weird line breaks in the text boxes because the text
would always cut itself off when the lines were too big. I just
got tired of this, so I made the lines really short and made
multiple message boxes.
5. I've seen so many ellipses, appropriate or not, in JRPGs that
it felt natural to use them to represent a break in a conversation.

Now my question is, did anyone manage to get to the end of the demo?

End of Legends

No, its just a coincidence, although that author sounds interesting. The idea for the scar comes from the Western Front of the First World War.

No Time for Heroes

I thought I'd tested it, but I unfortunatly left those problems in, but I'm fixing it now. I hope this doesn't affect my download and postings.


I did, thank you for bringing that to my attention.
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