Well, I've had ideas for RPGs floating in my head since
childhood, I figured it was time to put thoughts into
I want the world I'm making to have details, characters,
and most importantly, an overarching theme.


For rm2k3, can common events take the place of battle events

I want to use a skill to swap the weapons of another combat in the middle of battle.
So far, a common event I put in place is supposed to switch on when another character uses a skill, I made it a parallel process event that changes the equipment then turns its switch off (in case its used again). Its not working, at all, I'm wondering if it would work if I made it a battle event. Is it even possible to change equipment in battle?

(the purpose of this is to change the attack of a character that's on auto-pilot, to give the illusion another character is "commanding" them)
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