Well it all started on a nintendo 64, it was my first game console, and super mario 64 was my first game... all since then i have had an interest in games... later i got a psone, and i got the game resident evil and then i started liking horror games...
So now in 2012 i wanted to try the game developing thing myself... but without any "advanced coding" and because of rpg maker, rpgs is a easy thing to make today, so i started using it read the help files... after some time and testing i had an idea for a rpg horror game: The Sewers. You know, sewers are spooky!
After some random searching on google i found this place. after reading a bit i figured out this website could really help me with my game... so i submitted my game and it was granted so it's available here:

Well that's my story!
The Sewers
Imagine yourself being trappped in a stinky sewer with a slimy monster... Completely alone...


08/14/2012 06:40 AM

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