Well it all started on a nintendo 64, it was my first game console, and super mario 64 was my first game... all since then i have had an interest in games... later i got a psone, and i got the game resident evil and then i started liking horror games...
So now in 2012 i wanted to try the game developing thing myself... but without any "advanced coding" and because of rpg maker, rpgs is a easy thing to make today, so i started using it read the help files... after some time and testing i had an idea for a rpg horror game: The Sewers. You know, sewers are spooky!
After some random searching on google i found this place. after reading a bit i figured out this website could really help me with my game... so i submitted my game and it was granted so it's available here:

Well that's my story!
The Sewers
Imagine yourself being trappped in a stinky sewer with a slimy monster... Completely alone...




The lost time logo.
It might look shitty but that's the point... it's a broken clocking fading away...


Excuse the person on the screenshot... i haven't made the character graphic yet...

IG Maker

is it with script ??

The thing with the rpgmaker engines are the fact of them not needing script from the user. But there are things you can do with the game to make it more unique by editing the script. but you don't have to

Let's Play After Man Part 1, I HAVE TO DO IT AGAAAAAAIN!?

Hey, thanks for playing one of my oldies. It's nice seeing people still playing this old thingy. I'm aware of many of the flaws you're pointing out and sometime in the future I might take some time and fix them.
Too bad you missed the save points and had to redo it, hah.

yeah... bet you are luaghing good now...

The Sewers

How do you get past the padlock? The walls don't seem to make much sense. The main character had a green block around him.

it's a demo...
the green block is for testing, you have reaced the end of the demo,a and i'm still working on it...

Wanna Help?

yeah. i know... the "remove event" function messes things up...

The Sewers

In your summary you mentioned that the game will not contain any battles, is there a strong reason for this?

Well it's just because the game is about a teen being challenged to go into a sewer... and it's a survival, puzzle, strategic game so no battles, means that you must be prepared of the fact of: There is no fighting back...
a lot of rpg horror games is without the battle function...

Peach's Party

Not bad... i like it...

Wanna Help?


I sent you a PM earlier about music. But thought that I could also give you some game suggestions as well. Keep in mind that I'm here to help as best as I can!

Awesome Ideas!! Really cool premise. But..I think presentation could take a step forward:

I don't know much about game-making per say, but I do know about playing video games. Playing games is one of my regular hobbies! I think it might be nice for you to make your maps a little more detailed. With some mapping details, and objects the player can interact with, it would add a lot to your maps, and the world you are creating. You could make it really weird, and creepy if you had some strange materials lying around. A.k.a. tables, buckets, wrenches, pipes, chains, platforms, etc. I also really think you could also benefit from having WAY more water areas around. For a sewers game, it should be regular occasion to see some more water areas. On some of the maps, it seems like a group of chips arranged together to form the maps, (I'm not sure if you were going for this, like an old NES style or something??) It seems a little jagged, and disorganized. I'm not sure, but I think you could potentially do so much more graphically.

For item stuff, it might be fun to have some kind of upgrade/hidden item system in the game. Especially, if you consider making puzzles and such. I could see this game having some puzzle elements throughout it. I can't think of any specifics right now. Perhaps you could also have hidden items or collectibles, that make it likely for you to upgrade your character, or something. This would also give the game more replay value.

Anyway, those are just a few of my suggestions at first glance. I'm merely a game composer, and not a 'designer' by any means, but thought that I could offer some suggestions.

Otherwise: I LOVE the premise. It's a cool idea, that I've seldom seen on here. Just that I would like to see more!



Thank you!
You see... it's my first game so i really appreciate this! and well i am thinking of a door needing a code to open...
but yeah. puzles is possible...

The Sewers

Thanks... but i'm not sure when it will be released... but i could probably upload a small demo though....
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