Jay's Journey

I've been sitting on the answer to that for a while, but I'm ready to announce: Jay's Journey Reimagined/Jay's Journey 2: Worlds Apart Double Feature, made with RPG Maker MV! I started a blog for it here: https://jaysjourney2016.wordpress.com/

Jay's Journey

You can walk down so that the lower wall overlaps Jay's body. Sometimes, obvious obstacles in the way don't reach down that far...

Misaos Nominations and Games of 2012

I know Jay's Journey (written by me) is on the list, but it's a ten-year-old game that only received a minor update this year. I got an award back when it was relevant, so I decline the nomination. Or the "being on the nomination list" at any rate.

Jay's Journey

Carol should have recommended your next destination: back home to Pecot. Make sure to look around and set your eyes to take Ames at any plot-relevant characters that may or may not be present.

As for Jarogo, he'll be more important later, but there's certainly no harm in helping him now. As I do not know where in the trading sidequest you are, I can't say for sure what to do next, but there are NPCs in both Nifton (Gaia's hometown) and Pecot (where you should be going next due to the plot anyway) who you might want to look up.

Jay's Journey

Nackster: If you played a version that had the party follow system, what you played was the finished game (unless you somehow got on my computer when I wasn't looking and played it while I was in the middle of making it!) This is updated, but it's still the same game and ends in the same place. Most of the updates involved an extra hint of where to go next when unclear, bug fixes, or better spacing of the dialogue.

And there are some traps that give you an instant Game Over if you visit places you shouldn't be at the present time - you won't see them if you don't cheat! - inspired by someone who made a big deal of the alleged poorly-coded triggers when he debug-walked to where he THOUGHT the next destination was, missing the normally-unavoidable plot events that happened on the way. ;)

Oh, yeah, and I gave one character a new ability to help make the character a little more useful. He's one of the optional characters, so I won't say who it is.

Jays Journey

Jays Journey

Regarding JustRob's complaints: Rob himself revealed the reason he ran into those problems: he used the walk-through-walls debug cheat. In both cases, he went where the plot told him to go and nothing happened, but in both cases, it was because plot events were supposed to happen along the way preventing him from reaching his destinations. The plot events were, in fact, unskippable and impossible to avoid... short of using the walk-through-walls debug cheat or something similar.

It's like in Final Fantasy IV, after the Fabul events. The game TELLS you that you need to get to Baron in a hurry. What is SUPPOSED to happen is you head to Baron... and have your boat sink and wind up in Mysidia instead. If, rather than getting on the boat, you instead used a cheating device to go straight from Fabul to Baron, you'd find that the plot events either would not play or would play incorrectly, because (despite what the game tells you) it doesn't really expect you to be in Baron at that point.

I accept that the lack of direction is a weakness in the game. No argument. I could have been more clear in Mentilla where you're supposed to rest in the inn. I could have provided more hints to visit the shrine where you meet Pixie. I could have made some plot scenes more prevalent. The puzzle rooms were a bit arcane. I understand. Jay's Journey makes no claims of perfection.

But the two cases Rob mentions are actually cases where the game tells you EXACTLY what to do (in deliberately excruciatingly precise detail in the latter case - for the sake of setting up a snark by Carol - but there's no other way to get to Cliffside at that point anyway), and if he'd done them as intended, the game actually would have sorted itself out.

For the record, I, not Alli0d, am the developer of Jay's Journey.
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