Hey, I'm a software developer who also happens to work with kentona. I enjoy a spectra of video game genres, but I'm mostly attracted to RPGs. Retro and JRPG are the main thing, but I play others too. Otherwise, pretty much the only games I don't enjoy are serious racing games, and serious sport titles.

I enjoy collecting, and playing, games from the NES up until now, but I'm most proud of my SNES and Playstation 2 collections. Big Earthbound fan. I love music, especially VG OSTs, but suck at anything music theory related. (just like how I love RTS games, but suck at them horribly)

I write as a hobby as well, and occasionally consider painting. I try my hand sometimes at programming my own games from scratch, and making rpg maker titles.

Mostly, aside from work and home life, I read, and play video games. My goal in life is to finish as many of the ones I own before I die. Not sure I'll be able to, but I'll try.


Ghost World
Simple 4-colour RPG set in a world of good natured madness.



Metal Max: Space Princess

I changed a few things around, to remove some ambiguity. And one or two minor spelling mistakes.

Dwoemer of the Drill Faced Goddess Review

This warms my heart to read, addict. I would have been happy to receive a review of any score, but I'm so pleased that what I made was something you could appreciate and enjoy. I put a lot of soul into it, it was something I had thought up for some time, and only at that moment got the final drive to implement.

You're right that there is only one ending. I had envisioned more, but time constraints being what they were. I also felt that the ending I did make was very apropos, and I'm glad you agreed in the end.

Thank you so much for the review! *High Five*!

Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-up)

Ahahaha, this was great!

Very appropriate, just perfect. I loved it! Thank you very much, Secret Santa.

Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-up)

Oof, man, Storm. C'man. Welp, I guess let this be a lesson to you in the future about project planning.

Secret Santa 2019 (Sign-up)

Yup, all finito, thank goodness.

2019 beat the shit out of my self-esteem

Adulting is balls

A Veritable Retirement Speech

Even if I'm retiring from RPG Maker, I'm not quitting RMN. Especially not the people I care about here, and who care about me too.

I can't remember the last time I opened up an actual RPG Maker, but all my online buds are here, so I'm here. So, don't me a silly birb. *head bonk*

Art Corner: Mage Classes

Ooo excellent work! I love them all, but if I had to pick a favourite I think I'd go for the Mesmers!

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Hexatona, psy, I'm lookin at you two

Yes Ma'am.

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Add me in! I love doing these :)

Stuff I like: Art, writing, silly games, music. Share your special version of creativity with me!