Hey, I'm a software developer who also happens to work with kentona. I enjoy a spectra of video game genres, but I'm mostly attracted to RPGs. Retro and JRPG are the main thing, but I play others too. Otherwise, pretty much the only games I don't enjoy are serious racing games, and serious sport titles.

I enjoy collecting, and playing, games from the NES up until now, but I'm most proud of my SNES and Playstation 2 collections. Big Earthbound fan. I love music, especially VG OSTs, but suck at anything music theory related. (just like how I love RTS games, but suck at them horribly)

I write as a hobby as well, and occasionally consider painting. I try my hand sometimes at programming my own games from scratch, and making rpg maker titles.

Mostly, aside from work and home life, I read, and play video games. My goal in life is to finish as many of the ones I own before I die. Not sure I'll be able to, but I'll try.


Ghost World
Simple 4-colour RPG set in a world of good natured madness.


Hexatona writes terrible erotic fanfiction of random RMNers and Video Game Characters and nobody can stop him

Feel free to join in! Will I be banned for double posting? WHO CAN SAY

All I know is, nobody can stop me.

Nothing can stop this from happening.

Not you.

Not anybody.

In honour of this Auspicious Occasion, my first target will of course be LockeZ.



One day Lockez was out walking his dog when BAM - TIME GODDESS OUT OF NOWHERE
"Waa!? Okay, pardon, what?"
"SHUT UP, TAKE THIS" she hands him a large pink sword of an odd shape, oddly pliable. "NOW, UNLESS I ORGASM IN 30 SECONDS, THE WORLD WILL EXPLODE!"
"That seems a bit constrived"
He does the thing.
Wiping sweat from her brow, she checks her hourglass, "Hey, 2 seconds to spare, nice work kid. See you next level."
The Time Goddess disappears.
LockeZ stares at the pink sword with mild distaste. He throws it. The dog brings it back.



I'm sure by now everyone's familiar with XKCD's Passwords comic:

So, let's make up some passwords!


Hey nerds. I was bored so, I started up a Slack-themed Dwarf fortress. By Slack themed, I mean I took a buncha people from slack and used their names for my dwarves. This is Part 1. I hope you find something to enjoy. It's pretty tame thus far, but I'll find us some terror, by hook or by crook.

Part 1

EDIT: I changed the format to PDF because everything else is horrible

Suggestion: Picture Jukebox

Basically, it's like a Bar Jukebox! But instead of music, it's a little picture, and instead of a Bar, it's RMN. On the FP, there would be a little squarish area set aside for "User Ads". They don't HAVE to be ads, but an image of any kind that is tasteful. people could put silly drawings up there too if they wanted and other joke material. The image space is available for 1 day chunks, costing 1 dollar each. On a FCFS basis, like a bar jukebox.

Obviously, the process wouldn't be automatic. You wouldn't want distasteful pictures up there, or EVONY PLAY NOW. And they couldn't be links. I just think it would be a simple and fun way for people to interact with the site and it's users while also putting a little scratch in RMN's coffers.

Cringe Moments In RPGs

We've all been there.

You're playing a game, and out of nowhere, there is one of those moments. And, as it just so happens, you mother/sibling/father/SO walks in.

This is a thread celebrating all those terrible moments - both in the games, and how they affected you.

Here's a few to get you started. I think you'll notice some games are cringier than others.

MIO Fan Club

Nappy Time

Fly High

Dinner Dance

Poopsock Attack


Mugen Souls opening movie dance concert I probably had my wife walk in on this one. Thank god they took out the bath scenes.

You all knew this was going to be here. This one almost stopped me, guys.

Wow, I really can't move my body.

Hey Jerks I need some creative help

I have a thing I am doing I can't talk about. I need some characters and ideas. Takes place 20 minutes in the present.

Hmm... I've rewritten this several times.

I need some characters. I am, generally, pretty shit at coming up with believable backgrounds.

If you feel like it, please give me a hand. I don't necessarily need motivations for them, just what got them to today. Background. Likes, dislikes. as much detail as you feel like giving me. Good, Neutral, Antagonistic. Any Age.

So, If you've got a character rattling around in your head without a place to go, feel free to lay it on me, slick.

So far, I've got:

Male Teen: going through the motions of his life to hide from his grief at the loss of his parents.

Female Teen: Lost herself to drugs when she couldn't keep her little sister alive on her own. Easily Frustrated with the failures of others.

Female Teen: Half-First Nation's girl that loathes her heritage, dislikes women, obsessed with dominating others.

Male Teen: Above's Tagalong and only friend. Very devoted. Very affable and pleasant with others.

I realize that's a lot of teens, but don't feel bogged down here. These are just the people's I've settled on. I figured I should start off with some context.

I am leaving out a lot of context and information because, honestly, I just want believable human backgrounds to springboard from. Also, in the off chance I ever finish this thing, I don't want to spoil anything.

So, yeah, if you feel like contribution, awesome! If not - well, these are my own problems to solve.


Heyo, Since I seem to be churning these out like I've been dining on Cocaine Turkeys, I figured I'd just save everyone the grief of me making a thread every damned time, and put them all together.

While I'm here, though - feel free to post audiobooks you found on youtube or soundcloud, or preferably Librivox that you enjoyed or you think others will enjoy.

Oh... Right, some of you are probably wondering "Who's this chump"

Well, let me make a long story short here, I make non-terrible Text-To-Speech Audiobooks of other people's Fanfiction. Here's how:

1. General Spelling and Cleanup - I fix spelling mistakes (which sound horrible) and other little niggling issues.

2. Pronunciation - I go through and listen to all the new words, and make the engine pronounce them properly, or as close as I can get it.

3. Pauses - I add pauses to make comprehension easier. Between sentences, paragraphs, and within dialogue where appropriate.

4. Dialogue - The best feature is that I make Dialogue spoken at a different pitch, and thus it's like 20x easier to know when people are talking, and when they aren't.

5. I include a link to the MP3s in the last video so you don't have to listen to them on youtube. Yay for me!

BONUS FEATURE: On some stories, I have gone to the trouble of making Italics spoken at a different rate. I have only recently cracked this lovely chestnut so Right now the only ones who do the feature justice are Sacred Reliquary, and HELLA FUNTIME ADVENTURE FRIENDS 4TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY.

Here is a list, in chronological order of completion, of all my stories:

(My Little Pony, Legend of Zelda)The Legend of Sunset Shimmer: Ocarina of Time
With the events of Rainbow Rocks behind her, Sunset Shimmer was simply enjoying a night indoors with her friends, but the magical energies of the human world which clashed in the movie has caused something unexpected to happen. Now Sunset has found herself in a world much different than her own, and the people of this world look like her human world friends and foes, yet this is the land of Hyrule.

(This was it. The first real challenge I had. It almost broke me. I was new, and this fic was over 800 thousand words long. While the dialogue can sometimes be repetitive and somewhat wooden, the actual dungeon exploration, and combat are superbly well done. It's frankly amazing how the author makes boring dungeon exploration so interesting, with the thoughts and discussions between Sunset and Spike (Navi) while they try to figure each out.)

(Final Fantasy Tactics) Purity Amidst Madness
Meliadoul is faced with the shocking revelation that Ramza speaks the truth, and must live with the reality that her father is a possessed demon who killed her beloved brother.

(I like this one because it's a novelization of the latter part of the game, and also showcases just how insanely powerful Ramza and his entourage were by the end of the game.)

(My Little Pony - Trixie) The Fall of Night
This is the story of Trixie Lulamoon - a talented blue pony who has been utterly broken by tragedy. She is doing her best to save the world from an invading army of darkness, but it's not going very well. Equestria has refused to forgive her for her role in the death of Twilight Sparkle, and wants her to die. The surviving members of the Mane 6 are cold and bitter, and healing their spirits is not going to be easy. In fact, it may take a great deal more than a wounded Trixie has to give.
But the fate of everypony really does depend on her. Like it or not, Trixie is the new Element of Magic, and she is the only one who can defeat the Necromancer and his army of undead spectrals. If she can't find a way to restore harmony to Equestria, the dead will rule the living - and the night will last forever.

(This was a surprisingly good story. Many of the characters can come across as unbelievably hostile towards Trixie, but if you can get past this, it's a real good adventure!)

(Final Fantasy Tactics Advance) The Hitchhiker's Guide to Ivalice
A story centered on a bangaa holy man and the wierdos travelling with him as they fulfill a holy mission.

(A well told story in the land of Ivalice, with likeable characters.)

(My Little Pony, Yu-Gi-Oh GX) My Little Pony: Dueling is Magic!
After saving the future from Paradox, Yusei prepares to return to his own time. But when the Crimson Dragon veers off course in the rift, Yusei finds himself in a strange new world... populated by brightly colored talking equines. Yusei meets Twilight Sparkle and her friends and becomes their friend as well, even teaching them how to duel. But something isn't sitting right with Yusei and he soon learns why he was brought here when an ancient enemy reappears and goes on a destructive rampage.

(I did this one purely to see what the hell it was. Ended up being a very competent and fun Dueling Narrative! You could have inserted these duels right into the show and they'd have done just fine! I actually have to come back to this series - there's actually a few sequels I intend to do.)

(Final Fantasy XII) One Moment of Greatness
A Novelization (with a few creative liiberties) of Final Fantasy XII.
(I absolutely adore this book, and not just because I love FFXII. It expands characters when necessary, and in believable ways. It amps up the narrative and trims away the fat. If there was one story in this whole collection I would recommend to anyone who isn't familiar with the source material - it would be this one.)

(Final Fantasy VI) Final Fantasy VI: The Novel
A Novelization of FFVI.

(A simpler, and more fun, well done adaptation of the plot of FFVI. May Contain a Train Suplex.)

(Hella Funtime Adventure Friends!!!) Hella Funtime Adventure Friends: The Adaptation

(Me and the author of this novel have become something like penpals after I did this one. If you've never heard of HFTAF, it's a conceptual game where you're stuck on an island for 4 years, and you can take two friends. You pick the two friends (each with pros and cons) from this enormous list. This novel is a very imaginative and well written adaptation of that concept.)

(My Little Pony) HARD RESET
Twilight isn't having a very good day. An experimental spell blew up in her face, an army of changelings is attacking Canterlot, and she just died. Yet somehow, it looks like it's going to keep going downhill from here.
Given the chance to correct what's gone wrong, Twilight swears she's going to fix all this even if it kills her. Which it will. Frequently.

(This is a pretty Famous Fic. Awesome story, incredibly well told, and above and beyond what another author may have done with the concept. Can't recommend highly enough.)

(Advance Wars) A War Apart
Without a common enemy, the Four Great Nations draw new lines of battle against one another. A lieutenant, his cohorts, and the Orange Star COs must face new enemies and old friends, as well as their own fears and doubts.

(LOVE this story. It's got everything, mystery, action, drama, well written characters, multiple viewpoints, no shipping... It's the dream, really. If you're not rooting for Christoff all the way through, you have no soul.)

(Puella Magi Madoka Magica) FARGO
post-rebellion. In the frostbitten american midwest, ragged magical girls vie for territory to survive the unforgiving landscape. One such girl is sloan redfearn, who wastes away in fargo, north dakota, nursing a grudge and watching her hopes slowly die. But when kyubey approaches with a unique opportunity, she becomes embroiled in a conspiracy that threatens to topple gods.

(This story... It has three distinct arcs to it, all of them great for different reasons. Almost entirely a new cast (of great characters!), it's a great story about revenge, loss, sacrifice, determination, and everyone's favourite magical girl mascot. PROTIP, while you can probably get through it without any real knowledge of the series or movie, I think you'll have the best appreciation of the Novel if you watch AT LEAST the three movies. The first two are a summary of the series, and the third movie is basically the second season that never was. Very striking, beautiful, and powerful, too.)

(My Little Pony, Trixie) The Shadow Keeper (sequel to The Fall of Night)
After defeating the Necromancer, Trixie is settling into her role as the new Element of Magic. It's a difficult adjustment for her, made harder by the fact that she doesn't trust any of her new friends. After all, just a few weeks ago those very same ponies were trying to kill her. Have they really changed? How can she possibly trust anypony ever again?

(Shorter than The Fall of Night, and somewhat less interesting, it's still a fine read (listen, whatever.))

(My Little Pony) A Stitch in Time (Hard Reset sequel)

After the events of Hard Reset Twilight's life and mental well being are slowly returning to normal. Her recovery is cut short, though, when a letter arrives informing her that the time loop spell she cast is causing severe damage to space and time itself. In over her head, Twilight tries to summon anypony who will know how to fix it. The pony she gets is the last one she ever thought she would meet... and nothing like she expected him to be.

(A very good and very worthy sequel to Hard Reset, This story focuses a bit more on the character side of things but don't let that stop you from reading this one. This author is a big fan of pulling no punches, and at the best.worst times. Read it!)

(League of Legends) The Search for General Du Couteau

Talon's skills did not lie in scholarly pursuits like research or magic. Heck, he didn't even know how to read until General Du Couteau had him taught after taking him in. He did, however, know how to get information out of people. He was thankful General Du Couteau had spared the resources to teach him to read, or he would not have found this scroll useful. Now he was going to take everything General Du Couteau had given him and use it to find him.

(Absolutely amazing storytelling - you don't need to know a damn thing about League or the Lore to be invested in this story.)

(Hella Funtime Adventure Friends!!!) Hella Funtime Adventure Friends: Four Year Anniversary

The person who brought you the HFTAF Adaptation is back and with something a little different. He has written 80(!!!) short stories, each centering on one of the Hella Funtime Adventure Friends (or, Hella Buzzkill Baddies) that existed at the time of the story's writing.

(Original Horror)The Party

Also by the HFTAF guy, this is a little horror game where YOU choose what happens! This was a new experience for me, which was a bit more work than I though, so I hope you enjoy!

(Breath of Fire)Breath of Fire - War of The Dragons

This author has a lot of Game Novelizations, and they're all good. This one is for Breath of Fire 1.
"Ages after the Goddess Myria was sealed away, one of the factions of the Dragon Clan seeks to reawaken her. The only thing in their way is one man from the long forgotten Light Dragons..."

(Shadowrun) Devil Nights

"Great deeds and those who perform them are well documented, but the lives they touch, change, save and end only briefly hover into view as long as they remain relevant to the greater whole, then are cast aside as the tale runs after the heroes, hoping to keep up. And yet, every one of those is a story of its own."

(That doesn't give you a real good idea of the plot, but I assure you it's well written and not too long. It does a great job of drawing you in, although my books fails miserably on accents from time to time.)

(Original) Devil Tower

"In the fantasy world of Grimnar a dark tower rises from the ground, reaching the skies. Its doors open with the promise of a wish to the first person to reach the top. And as people flock to the tower and struggle to climb, the world outside it begins to fall apart. Following multiple protagonists, many may come to realize the dangers in trusting even their closest friends..."
(Overall I liked this story. Great characters are a highlight. I kinda expected more betrayal though.)

(Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) Darkmoon
A group of 10 racially-diverse warriors join forces to take down an evil priest and his vile Waterdeep temple. Complete AD&D novel.

(Wasn't a huge fan of some of the OOC ways certain races behaved, but it's actually a very competent Fantasy Novel!)

(My Little Pony) Monsters

Two decades after the banishment of Nightmare Moon, her shadow still lingers. Princess Celestia has been left to tend the Twin Thrones alone and protect us all from those who would see Equestria crumble. Our enemies take many forms: some would tear the world down with their claws, others with their smiles. They are monsters all the same.
I have had many names, and I have been many things. Today I am Swift Sweep, and I work for the Equestrian Bureau for State Security.

(I really like JawJoe's work. Night Shift was one of the first Novels I did, and cemented my love of doing this. Also, he's darn good at not having spelling mistakes. Anyway, this is also a great listen!)

Breath Of Fire II - War of the Demons

Good god, if you like breath of fire AT ALL, check this out. It's seriously one of the best books I've done on here. It's a novelization of BoFII, and while the author did a great job on the first one, making story where there was very basic elements, this one is a tour de force in comparison.
I cannot sing it's praises enough!

Final Fantasy IV: The Novel

Another FF Novelization, by the same person who did the FFVI novelization.
Most of what I said for that one applies here, it's a great fun listen, and gets better that farther you go.

(Star Wars) A Voice Across The Void

This one is a !Rational take on the Star Wars universe, where a young padawan finds a Sith Holocron and hides it from his masters. It's a really focused and well done novel, and if the author makes a sequel I will devour it hungrily!! Check it out al ALL if you like well written works, or Star Wars.

(My Little Pony) Stardust by Arad

Isolated from her friends and taken prisoner in the middle of a war, Twilight must deal with the very real dangers of being percieved as an enemy as well as the nightmares of her arrival on 'Earth'. Can she overcome her own fears and the fears of her captors? Will the wayward unicorn's assistance be a boon or a curse to the 'humans?' Most importantly, will she ever find her way home?

(This one is nice because it's heavy on the personal interaction, and really goes well into everyone's motivations - but also out in the field! It's also really cute to see twilight winning over scientists who's first instinct with aliens is to probe them to death.)

(Paper Mario) The Temple of the Sun

"Mario goes on vacation in a far off country, where an evil villain's attack causes the world to be literally split in half. Now, it's up to our hero and his new partners to restore balance and save the worlds of Day, Night, and everything in between."

What I like most about this story is that I am pretty sure it's about the closest mankind will seemingly ever get to another proper Paper Mario sequel.
It's written in such a way that I could 100% see it as being a novelization of an actual game. Encounters are well thought out, characters are interesting, it's just darn good. So listen up!

WHEW... Good lord, so much writing...

So tired...

Please... Enjoy...


Heyo - I just thought it would be nice to have a thread to talk about 3DS games in general. If it in some way relates to the 3DS, or a 3DS game in some way shape or form, we can talk about it here.


Currently, I'm most interested to learn what Legend of Legacy was like, and Stella Glow. Stella Glow SEEMED quite interesting, but I only played the demo. Legend of Legacy has the allure and sting of all Sagaesque games, so I wanted to hear opinions on these if anyone feels like chiming in.

Two More audiobooks!

The first one is really awesome: FARGO by Bavitz. It's a puella magi madoka magicka fanfiction set after the movie Rebellion. A magical girl, ousted from her city by her friend, is wasting away in Fargo, ND - when Kyubey gives her an offer she can't refuse.


The second is The Shadow Keeper, a continuation of The Fall of Night, both by derpyland. Trixie is trying to adjust to her new life, and failing. Everyone says they've really changed, but have they?


Just found motherlode of old RPGMAker Games

Yeah I was just reminded of a game I was looking for, and I ended up scouring my various backed up data discs and found a veritable treasure trove of RPGMaker and Non-RPGMaker Games.

So, if there was something you needed, that is somehow now gone, let me know and I'll find a way to get you a copy.

Honestly, I can't be arsed to look into all these terrible filenames - if there's something you want to to find the actual name for, let me know.


RMN Christmas Card 2009______.rar
RMN Midsummer Dream 2010.rar
The Room PeePeePee.rar
Vanilla Villain.rar
8 Bit Quest ENG FINAL.rar
A Home Far Away.rar
Action 52 - RMN Edition_.rar
Alter Aila Genesis - Nov 24, 2010.rar
Alter Aila.rar
Aurora Wing.rar
Balmung Cycle (2.0).rar
Balmung Cycle (2.0).rar
Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden.zip
Big Trouble in Little China, Maine V.2.2b.rar
Bloodsphere v.1.2 + RTP.rar
ChronoTrigger Spoof.exe
Cross Retro.exe
Dawning of a Dragon's Valor New World Demo.zip
Dragon Fantasy 2 Final Mix.zip
Dragon Kingdoms V 2011.rar
Eden Legacy 1.1.rar
Eden Legacy Deluxe__.rar
Eden Legacy II.rar
Eden Legacy III 1.0c.rar
Escape Middle School_.zip
Forever's End__.rar
Ghost Voyage.rar
Grave Spirit.rar
Inferno of Anger 2 THE DEMO.exe
Iron Gaia - Where Angels Fear To Tread- Fixed Version.rar
Its a good to be a pirate .rar
Land of Dreams.EXE
left to get.PNG
Leo & Leah.rar
List 1.PNG
List 2.PNG
List 3.PNG
List 4.PNG
LLRPG ch.1.zip
Marvel Brothel v13.rar
Mastamut Installer.exe
One Night 3 SE_2.exe
One Night SEv2.5_1.exe
Quest for Colour Update.zip
Reality Breakdown.zip
Shensetta - The Glory Story_1.exe
SkYscrapeR Open.exe
Sonic and the Chaos Dragons.rar
Sore Losers V1.3.rar
Sozora_'s Labyrinth.zip
Space Funeral_3.rar
Speak No Evil.zip
Tales from Zilmurik (2009).rar
Tales from Zilmurik 2010 DEMO.rar
Tales from Zilmurik II.exe
The Encephalon_5.rar
The Hole (Fix)_2.exe
The Old Mask(NO RTP)___.rar
The Rare_Obscure RM Games Request Topic Topic __ rpgmaker.net.mht
The Way Episode 1.exe
The Way Episode 2.exe
The Way Episode 3.exe
The Way Episode 4.exe
The Way Episode 5.exe
The Way Episode 6.exe
TLS Cave Story music.zip
TLS Faxanadu music.zip
TLS Kirby 64 music.zip
TLS Paper Mario music.zip
White Reflections Demo_1.rar
Yume Nikki.rar


Boundless Ocean (2005).7z
Desktop Dungeons.7z
PCFM Setup.exe
Within a Deep Forest 114.zip





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