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Server is back up again! No whitelist this time.

Just my luck! XD

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Request Time! Reverse-Pokemon!

Name/Sex/Age/Physical Description:
Fáelán Fionn/Male/32/White furred (save the tips of his feet, hands, tail, and ears which are shaded in a finely contrasting black) and of solid stature (though smaller than most of his kind), he always holds himself in the most respectable of stances, especially around the ladies. Slicks back the fur on his head (but leaves a little spikiness to it, for flair; almost reminds one of a hedgehog...)
Dress Style:
Victorian Era buttoned shirt and vest (though never another layer, too warm for that), dressy slacks, and - of course - the ever classical pocketwatch
Monster Name:
Monster-Bestowed Power:
Can conjure the doorway to a small, library styled and sized dimension in which he keeps his large collection of books (and wine) befitting a man of his wolfish classiness.
Monster Species:
Red Panda (irresistable, it was!)

It was hard trying to think outside the box on this...So I kinda did, kinda didn't...

Share your handwriting

The stuff at the bottom is a language I use for story-writing... You're better off ignoring it XD


Is that a red-panda character I see, Superstroke?

And dang, that looks pretty good so far!



Again duly noted, as this map is far from finished.



XD vomiting tiles does not present a pleasant picture, nor an accurate description of the present situation.

But I'll be sure to keep that in mind, mate. ;)


why not just make smaller maps and do them parallax-style? you've got these wide walkways and then clusters of stuff you've overlapped spotted around like patchwork. i've never understood the point of that yanfly script.

Well, to be honest, the patchiness is due to a weird mixture of laziness, efficiency, and personal taste. While I love games that use parallax-mapping, I feel like there is often too much going on in the background, and while it is aesthetically pleasing, it sort of detracts from the experience. Here, I used a mixture of both RTP and Doodad assets in an attempt to keep an RPG feel (think pokemon with its weirdly straight line rows of trees) and yet allow the player to see some sort of break from the odd mundanity of trees placed in patterns.
I - for one - like the look of this, and feel like it matches what I hope to get across. It also allows the game to pull away from a claustrophobic feel that is all-to-present in RPGs these days, and while I understand the virtue of 'less is more', that just isn't the aesthetic I want.

To be honest about Yanfly's purpose in making this Plug-In, I am - in a sense - misusing it. Yanfly created this largely for mobile platforms, as packaging images with a game increases its file-size, and puts weird amounts of stress on mobile devices.
I have no intention of ever putting any of these on mobile, I use this Plug-In in no small part for convenience.

Thanks for the input, though. I will certainly keep everyone's thoughts in mind!

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Eh, I just tossed it up in the Winterruption thread considering YEP Grid-Free Doodads was a subject. (Here it is again) I've got a map consisting of some Doodad material (in the back-half I believe), in fact, fun fact about that, I stress tested the Plug-In on a similar map with over 2,000 hand-placed doodads, just to see where the FPS break-point was at on my laptop...

It handled it surprisingly well...