Is there a walkthrough for Everlong? I want to start the game, but I don't have much dedicated time each day so I need a guide to help me keep track as I go. Thanks!

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Thank you! People who play this are so blessed that the developers are so responsive on the forums.

I went back to those areas and picked up the loot/secret passageways I missed before! Just starting the Aquaria region and loving all the things I can do! I figured out you can sell the elixirs and dry ethers you pick up for huge chunks of gold, and bid on those powerful weapons at the auction house for 7500 gold a pop. They are miles better than anything my party has or will find in dungeons for a while (muahahaha).

I had so much trouble beating Kaayu the first time around (had to grind it up to level 13 I believe, even though I unlocked her at level 10 ish), but I think my shiny weapons from the auction might carry me for round 2.

I'm updating Firefly's guide as I go, because I found that he missed a couple items here and there, and there are some good information I think could be supplemented into his guide. Hopefully with his and your permission, we can upload a more comprehensive guide.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Just started the game (having never played FF series before) and after adjusting to the humor and game mechanics, I'm loving it so far! So in firefly's walkthrough, I notice that he has a couple items per area colored Purple. I assume they are difficult to find items, but I have tried interacting with everything and looking at every corner, but still could not find any of the purple items.

For example:
Barrier ring in Cecile Waterways. I do see an inaccessible chest when I walked through the dungeon, but I couldn't find any way of getting to it. Is that something that will be unlocked later in the game, or did i simply not explore every possibility?
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