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Most, if not all, of the games I'll post will be translations, so I hope people will enjoy them and if possible, let their true creators know their work is enjoyed!
A person he wishes to remember, yet a past he longs to forget.




I gave the game a play and quite enjoyed it. The full circle was great and while I wasn't really a fan of the -reasons- for the overall game (SPOILERS: by which I mean the fact he went and killed a ton of unrelated people - I thought it was enough that he snapped and killed his parents/staff. Not really needed to bring in people who were outside the issues. That kinda made it a bit silly, sorry! >.< ) I did enjoy the whole of it.

Hi there, glad you enjoyed it! I'm unaware if you've reached the secret ending, but it does explain Elm's excessive actions.
SPOILERS: in that the majority of his actions seem to have been caused/fuelled by someone else in order to further their personal goal. So it's likely his involving the others was likely because of the influence of a certain someone from this ending.
I just thought I'd explain in case you missed it ^^. But yes, the 'reasons' are...pretty grim, haha.


Hi! I've watched a gameplay of this game and I feel like playing it myself! Just a question, do you know if the creator has more games? I really liked the plotwist and I wanted to know some more.

Thank you!

Hi! I'm very glad you enjoyed SIN! If you'd like to also let the creators know you enjoyed it, Narakino speaks some English and you can tweet her at @New_game_0. SIN is currently square world's first work, and while it appears so far their next project isn't related to it, they occasionally post other information on their twitter/blog. Hopefully they will perhaps make a pre/sequel of some kind at some point.
Hope any of this helps!

Apocalypse Never

How is the Code for the Jewelry Box?
And how to find out the Code for the Drawer in the Boy's Bedroom?

The answers for both are in the same rooms as the puzzles. The code for the puzzle in Seryozha's room is written on an item in his room, and the hint for the code in Valeria's room is in her diary ^^.

BTW, tried all ending except Normal End 2...
How can I get the Normal End 2?

Normal End 2 is what happens if you forget to pick up "that" in Seryozha's room but otherwise get all the requirements for the true ending ^^!

Apocalypse Never

Where is the Download if it is complete?

Edit: Download it from here until he puts the Download in the "Download Section".

Sorry about that, I was asleep while waiting for the submission to be accepted, since I couldn't upload a download then. I'm doing so now.
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