Ars Harmonia submitted to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store!

Congrats. :)

A Couple Of Questions On Having A Review Submitted And Then The User(s) Takes Down Their Gamepage

That would be great if you could do so, Kentona.

Also, you mean "Damn you, Archeia" as she was the one who hid the game.

Oh yeah, I forgot; it was Nessiah who was the one who took the entire gamepage down. Silly me. (Sorry ‘bout that, Hirei, heh.)
I let it happen so it's ok I understand lol.

I'm not going to go into details about why things ended up the way they did...since it seems Archeia already did it but you're free to check out https://www.facebook.com/reincarnationrp for updates. I apologize that the download was taken down and so was the page.

Art and You

As an artist I am very glad that this is being reinforced as I have been the victim of art/resource theft before.

However, by LockeZ's logic I guess I must be an egotistical selfish artist and I therefore deserve to die 8D.

In all seriousness, I think graphics, music, eventing, programming all serve as important parts to the gammak pie so to speak and deserve to be credited.

The free resources that people like Archeia put out, seriously the least you could do would be to credit them also. We put lots of hard work into our resources, so credits is the least you can do.

As for using them without consent, you can just ask people with a simple PM or whatever works. I'm sure they'd appreciate the fact you are interested and will more than likely say "Why yes you may!"

And I like to treat people as people not as tools to be used and tossed into the trash once you are done or trodden upon like a piece of paper. I'm not a tool to be used. I'm a person who creates assets that you use but it doesn't make me a tool.

Seriously the "artists are tools / do not credit them / they are selfish" is only going to drive any and all resource makers away. And then you'll have to make everything yourself (which isn't that bad anyways, you learn a new skill!)

TLDR: Thank you for this new rule/reinforcement. It is a step in the right direction and I endorse it fully.

@mawk: Thank you for your wonderful post.


In the original bust, Ulrika just had a low cut dress but ...yknow when you get older...you don't really wanna show off your chest like that so we changed it to a turtleneck. It's staying true to the RTP spirit.

Terence's Tribulations

I'll even do a let's play :p

An RM Venture

I'll join if I manage to get a team together. I can't do it alone Q.Q

Misaos results are in! Who won?

Lunar Wish: Misaos of Fate, Pom Gets Misaos, Misaos Salesman, Reincarnation -Misaos of War-, and The Misaos Drop were the consistent contenders this year, and won multiple awards each.
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