I'm an OG from RPG maker 95. I don't really use RPG maker anymore but found a passion with music. If you would like me on your project, my "best" work is with my music. Check out my SoundCloud and let me know if my style would fit your game. (I work for free, just want burning passion :P)


The Holy Story.
Prevent the world from zombies!


Wanting to join a Team! I offer you music!


I've become a little burned out creating RPG games lately, however, I've been wanting to do Music for a video game by joining a team. I'm not looking to get paid unless you're trying to sell the game even then, it's about the money for me, it's just having a creative outlet and a drive to do music. I mainly just want to be a part of a project that is working towards completing a game and wanting a soundtrack (That I can provide). I have some samples here;


There are two albums, both sound pretty different from one another. If you like what you hear, feel free to reach out to me. Thanks!

Final Fantasy VI Abridged

I'm not entirely sure if this is the correct board to post this on, but it says entertainment, so I will give it a go. I've been working on a project called "Final Fantasy VI Abridged" a mini web series telling the story of Final Fantasy VI in a comedy fashion. If you are interested in taking some time out of your day to give it a chance feel free to check it out, thanks for your time!


Best RPGMaker for MMO

So I've been thinking about making a MMORPG for the longest time. But can't really find any MMOs made by any RPGmaker. Which program would be the best? I Currently have VX, XP, 2003.. But been thinking about getting MV.

MMO Team

Hello! I've been playing with RPGmaker since RPG maker 95, My favorite must be 2003. But my question here would anybody with some knowledge on how to create a MMO type of game on RPGmaker. i do have Ace, and can get XP if needed. I don't know which engine would be best. I was hoping to find a person to team up with, who can help with the programing of a server. What I can offer on my end is..I can make map/animations/artwork, and my biggest add is a recording studio, I have my very own, and been wanting to get on the creative of making Video game music. If anybody would been willing to help with this, I would love to speak to you. and pick each other's brain about a type of MMO, and style. Thank you :D
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