Oh hai thar! Well. I was in RRRevolution before it met its sad fate, and kind of abandoned forums altogether after that but I guess I found my way here way later than I should have!

A little about myself:




Project; Peaceful Folk

Greetings! I have very recently decided to buckle up and make a game. It will be on the simple side of things, but hopefully different enough to pop out/catch attention at least a little.

I won't get into story/mechanics detail here or yet, not until more progress have been made, so for the time being I will update with resources and whatnot as their made. I will say that it's going to be a platformer-RPG hybrid, inspired by the gameplay of Valkyrie Profile.

Main character sprite and portrait, and the party's "assistant" who follows them around and helps them.

And the tiles I have made up so far with a test screen to see how they all look and work together.

C&C is so welcome and appreciated, I obvs want this to be the best it can be.


Wow, these battle sprites are glorious!

Daily WAT's

I don't know about anyone else, but if I'm going about my day to day and see something either odd, greasy, or funny/boss, I snap a picture of that shiznit. So I am here to encourage others to share that daily WAT here to make others go "lol wat" or just plain "wat"

I'll get the ball rolling

Close enough

I reckon finding this Mega Man made my day

I reckon finding this on the walk home after work, however, creeped out my day



Someone's making warning signs adorable

An old native cemetery in a neighboring town. It makes sense in that context, but initially this made my eyes bug out of my head

White Barret????

Mature content warning????? Someone decided to get creative with a local hair salon sign

post your picture

Dude, you gonna look hella classy XD

Handdrawn Backgrounds

Oh wow, that sunset over Imdahl game looks beautiful O: I'm a sucker for these kinds of things. The only one that come to mind though atm is Legend of Mana. Beautiful backgrounds. Imma keep my eye on this to learn about more games with graphics of this nature :P

post your picture

My goodness, all these adorable little-you'd and stylin' sleak folk. Oh my.

I found out what I'm going to look like in 20-25 years. Apparently I have a stroke, broken nose and lazy eye to look forward to. And only half of my face will wrinkle. I'll make it work. Bring it.

this is a topic with no purpose.


You should do it up and finish it cause it looks AWESOME

I "bee" workin' on pixelling Q-bee

Homu's Pixel and Art Dump 2.0

I was going to say "Miley Cyrus twerking".
Well, I got me a future project to get into pixel animation

Looks like a younger, healthier L.
SO IT DOES. So. It. Does. lol awesome. It's what's-his-face from Big Hero 6. I never watched the movie though so I looked up some pics of him and improvised/pretended I knew what the hell I was doing XD

Also Q-Bee's line art is done. On to coloring.

Homu's Pixel and Art Dump 2.0

Well I've done some smaller pixels. Nothing big unfortunately. Jes dinky little thangs.

A few commissions

An even dinkier warmup pixel after I went a week without pixelling lol it's a dangerous thing to do, gotta get back in to swing of things

Annnnnd my current WIP in the P ATM. TRY TO GUESS WHAT THIS IS X.D

Tis Q-Bee not that it's easy to tell ATM