My name is HorrorBox. I love rpg horror games! I always wanted to share my passion to the world..even if I'm not the best artist, or creator.
I've been into rpg maker for a few years, and by making games, I still
have much to learn. I hope you enjoy my projects!
Forest Adventure!
Join 4 friends as they explore the strange forest.



Seasons of RMN III

Oh boy here we go
Good luck to everyone!

Release the Dead

Congrats to everyone who finished their games!! Unfortunately, time wasn't on my side so I won't be able to release a demo or anything, but I'll be playing these games after the event for Halloween!

Release the Dead

Update: I'm still in this and will probably get a demo out before the event ends
Unfortunately one of my files for the game didn't save properly (for whatever reason) and got corrupted. Luckily I have a backup but it hasn't been touched up for awhile...hopefully I can remake some of the stuff and make this a bit better than it was before.

Just confirmed a time for a new podcast ep with Frogge and JosephSeraph on the topic of "Horror In Games"! Anyone have any questions they'd like to see answered?

What aspects make a horror RPG maker game good (Characters, story, plot twist, etc.)?

Release the Dead

Yes! I'm excited to do another release the dead!

Now I just gotta go through my dusty forgotten projects...

My hope is that I actually find a better project to reanimate, considering Town of Paper was kind of difficult for me to do (and I lost the files for that one)


I'm fine with any event; if it's revive the dead again I gotta dive in well-prepared so I don't mess up like last time
cause honestly, that would scare me a bit

What questions would you like to ask in a podcast episode with Liberty, Archeia, Ocean, maybe Craze and hopefully Kentona?

As someone trying to balance our life and creating their game, do you think that taking a huge break can impede your progress?

Forest Adventure!

Okay, so
There are many things that I find very pleasant so far, like the zooming camera and the weird, mysterious plot.
But there's a huge problem which makes the demo impossible to finish, at least for me: that cat chase.
Maybe you didn't test it very much, but it misses a delay between us exiting the upper left room and the cat appearance.
Someone said it already, but i'll repeat it nonetheless as I REALLY want to finish this demo, and in a future, the completed game. I find it quite entertaining.

I'm so glad to hear that! I'm sorry everyone is having issues with the cat chase (I've been meaning to go back and fix it for awhile now I've been stupidly busy). If you're having trouble finishing the demo,
I believe the solution to fix the cat chase is to head to the right area, back into the center and then right area again. That seems to work for me.
I'm sorry again that you (and everyone else) are having the same issue, hopefully if I add another update I'll have that fixed. Thanks for playing!

In other news, today's my brithday!

Happy Birthday!

Feeling a whole lot better, sorry for being dramatic over the past few days. I'll have a progress report of Forest Adventure on the 17th. Thank you.

No problem! Never hurts to just let some of it out and move on :D

Good to hear you're doing better and yes, good luck on your project!

Nothing wrong with having a tough time. Glad you are doing better now!
: ) Good luck with your project

Thank you so much!