My name's Kasey Ozymy. I'm a writer/musician from Texas. I call myself this even though I haven't made a dime from my work.

Check out the progress for Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass here:
Jimmy and the Pulsating ...
One day, Jimmy looked inside.



A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky

Neat; I went ahead and reenabled the section. I'm going to leave it open to be posted in, but Mint's going to hold off on answering questions because she's busy helping me work on another game.


why's no one pointed out the frogge reference

This is probably going to be the underrated comment of the year.


Top Ten Topic: Favorite RPGs

Sweet, an excuse not to work!

10. Dragon Quest 7
9. Lennus 2
8. Earthbound
7. Mother 3
6. Legend of Mana
5. Final Fantasy 7
4. Valkyrie Profile
3. Chrono Cross
2. Final Fantasy 6
1. Chrono Trigger

A Song of Fire & Ice

I've said it before, but while you probably don't have a super high ceiling, you definitely have a high floor. You're going to get a substantial bump just from people who played Hero's Realm and want to experience the remake. I think if you're diligent with sending keys out and you get some of the nostalgia youtuber crowd playing/reviewing your game, you'll probably make quite a few sales.

A Very Long Rope to the Top of the Sky

I don't remember the solution offhand, but after the mirror, you need to go back through the rooms in the reverse order. I think that your solution is otherwise right, though.

what's your blackmoon prophecy?

This is no doubt Malacore's doing...

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Don't let LockeZ stamp on your vision. That sounds like the peanut butter and fish combination that the world needs.

Where do we go from here?

Yeah, man, it's tough. There are a LOT of games out there, and all of them are competing for a finite amount of time. Creating a game that people find special is a major challenge, but actually getting them to notice it in the first place might be the biggest struggle as a dev, since none of us have a marketing degree or a budget. I was telling zDs the other day, the best thing I've found is just to send out keys like crazy, especially towards streamers/LPers/review sites that play games similar to the ones you make.

But, yeah, going the hobby dev route is alluring in its own ways. Part of me would love to just embrace the jank and shove a bunch of disparate graphical elements into something that focused more on my strengths, but I got way too tired with my day job.

Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass

Ah, yeah--there have been a LOT of under-the-hood changes since then, so I'm not surprised, but I did try to avoid that. Hope you enjoy!