In 2006 I made some RM2k games...

Klonoa FanRPG
When I was 19 I ripped off Jak 2



Help With Stat Bosting Per Level

Thanks for your help!

I'll try both methods once I get some time... I'll be back to let you know if anything worked or not.

Just in case, heres the code for my Battles, and for my Stat-Booster.

Help With Stat Bosting Per Level

I'm having a hard time constructing a Stat-Boosting system... (For RM2K3)

What I'd like to happen:
-> The Player Levels Up from a battle
-> Upon Returning to the Map from Battle - the Player is given 4 choices of Stats to Boost (HP/MP/DF/ATK) <-- [I have Allready Created A Show Choice and filled in the requirements for each choice)
-> The Stat is Boosted - and the "Stat Booster" Doesn't appear again until the player Levels Up Again...

I'm sure the idea is easy enough to understand - But I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to get it to happen only once each time you level up... I'm really confused.

> The White Box (SAGE 2008 ENTRY)

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What's SAGE?

SAGE is the Sonic Amateur Games Expo - I make music for a few of the fangame makers there, and They've lately allowed more than just sonic-themed entries.

Not always the most talked-about - it is a HUGE event, and does generate a number of hits on projects that enter.

> I even made a sonic-themed game to fit in better XD

> The White Box (SAGE 2008 ENTRY)


The White Box is my Entry for SAGE 2008 (August 17th-23rd)

Be sure to attend and check out all 3 Games The White Box has to offer!
  • Destiny Blade *new*
    Sonic PUZZ
    Avalon R.E.M.A.K.E

>Would You Like to Know More?

Destiny Blade (RM2k3)
The land of Verdriet is besieged by the evil corporation Macht-Tec. Using their vast resources and stealth-armies, they set out on a mission to capture Priestess's for their power.
Amidst all this, a young swordsman named Xeros appears with no memories of his past, and a strange power that rivals those of the mighty corporation.
He is now their main target.

Sonic PUZZ (RM2k3)
Sonic PUZZ is a puzzle game made in RM2k3 designed to feel like a retro puzzle game.
In Sonic PUZZ, the player must complete 3 tasks to advance to the next stage under a specific Time Limit.
**(2nd place winner of the SFGHQ 07' Winter Contest)**

Avalon R.E.M.A.K.E (RM2k)
On a distant planet far away from earth, the remaining colonists of a small Human village fear for the return of the strange planet's evil creatures.
With their leader missing and feared dead, Mace, a brave warrior from the village - takes it upon himself to find and rescue Lee...
**(Now with Full Advertisement Support by Original Creator "Jer.Der.")**

Sonic PUZZ (Demo) - Winter Compo Entry

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Not so sure if you have already mentioned it. When will the full version come?
I didn't and I haven't set a Release date for the Full version...

Sonic PUZZ (Demo) - Winter Compo Entry

I gotta run off, but lemme quickly answer some questions and thank you guys.

author=ashriot link=topic=553.msg7286#msg7286 date=1199916766
Yeah, it was pretty cool. I tried it out, got a few stages in. One stage, I couldn't figure out how to get all the rings and almost posted here telling you it was impossible... Then I found it lol.

It's refreshing to see alternative games besides standard RPGs once in a while :D
^_^ Glad to see you found it a bit challenging and thanks for taking the time to comment AND play it too.
author=Quiversee link=topic=553.msg7294#msg7294 date=1199923449
I tried it too. Not bad, but 2 problems.

1: Music never played in the levels. Sound worked fine. May be a bug in my own system.
2: The down sprite for Sonic is a little odd. It looks like he's hardly moving his feet.

Other than that, this is coming along nicely. I can't wait for the full version.
Thanks, the music not playing is a fault with your own system I'm 90% sure... Check the Volume settings on your PC for MIDI... RMGames sometimes mess with it. ^_^ Dunno bout the sprites, itsa matter of opinion I suppose. - Full Version will be badass.
author=demondestiny link=topic=553.msg7297#msg7297 date=1199924148
This is pretty good. The game was far too easy but it might get harder in the full version. Can't wait to play the full game when it comes out.
I thought it was a lil easy myself, but alot of people are showing to find some difficulty in it... so I may only tweek it a tiny bit... Trust me, It WILL be much harder as the game progress's.

Sonic PUZZ (Demo) - Winter Compo Entry

author=ashriot link=topic=553.msg7189#msg7189 date=1199720131
Hmmm... both links don't seem to be working. The first problem is that they're coming up as http://"http:// so that's an issue, but even when I fixed that, they still didn't work...

But the game looks fun :D
My apologies, The link's are now fixed ^_^

Please to Enjoy.

Sonic PUZZ (Demo) - Winter Compo Entry

Introducing Sonic PUZZ, My entry for The Winter Comp!
Sonic PUZZ is a puzzle game made in RM2k3 designed to feel like a retro puzzle game.


In Sonic PUZZ, the player must complete 3 tasks to advance to the next stage under a specific Time Limit.
If you mess up or need to exit, Press To bring up the Menu, which lets you reset the current stage, or exit.
Before each level, You can also SAVE your progress.

First the player must find all of the Rings in the stage.

Next, After Collecting the Rings the player must find the Goal Posts - and Run through them to make the Magic Ball appear Somewhere on the map.

The player then uses the to kick the Magic Ball through the Large Goal Ring.

/ Make Menu Decisions & Kick the Magic Ball
Brings up the Menu & Cancels a Command.
Move Sonic / Choose a Command on the Menu

Sonic PUZZ By:

Ripped Sprites Provided By:
Mr. Prinz
M Jaller

MIDI Music By:
John Weeks

RM2k Sonic Engine By:

Greenhill Zone, Special Stage,
Labyrinth Zone Graphics By:

We Did It First screenshot thread

author=Eijin link=topic=5.msg7184#msg7184 date=1199686302
Since this thread is in serious need of help, and the fact Ive posted this everywhere else I go, here, the Fates Of Alerha Inspired Screenshot.

I spy... a character!

J/K Looks badass.

Advert - Huepow00's Jan 2008 RELEASE DATES

author=kentona link=topic=539.msg7081#msg7081 date=1199461518
This is ambitious
author=tsimehC link=topic=539.msg7107#msg7107 date=1199499432
Yeah very ambitious but looking forward to the releases nonetheless.
Thanks Much - I know it sounds like alot - But I guarantee, The deadlines will be met.

As a Reminder - tomorrow is the release of Sonic PUZZ, my entry into the Winter Compo at SFGHQ.
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