Ever since the early days of the Playstation (PS-ONE) I had been infatuated with the RPG Maker series. I had made countless (about 5 that I actually finished) games using the Rpg maker Playstation game and even after I got a PlayStation 2 I still played the first game. I had tried RPG Maker 2 and 3 and couldn't connect with them as I had done with the first. So I was thrilled to find a PC version.
I have always loved to draw and make up characters and stories as well, and RPG maker was a useful outlet. While I doubt my skills in those fields, I still have alot of fun.
I love games that give me feels, that make me think, and that tell me a story.I have recently become obsessed with independent pixelated horror games made using RPG maker technology (such as Yume Nikki, Mad Father, .flow, etc).
That's all for now, thank you for reading it.
5 Little Lights
Horror writer Gill O'Teen becomes trapped in a nightmarish story.
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