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Infinite Mana
Infinite Mana is a love letter to classic Japanese RPGs with an engrossing story, open world environments, and Western RPG elements.



Guardian Saga Review

I did fix the game-breaking bugs for this game to the best of my knowledge. At times I feel like coming back to it and really reworking a lot of its systems, even continuing the story and gameplay with everything I've learned so far. However, my big project now is my game Infinite Mana. If you're still around, I'd love to hear your opinion on that one someday. :)

Mystic Quest: Remastered

Cool idea. It looks great!


This looks great. Can't wait to try it.

Guardian Saga Review

I fixed a few things. For one, the bug where you can't leave the Queen's room is fixed. I also buffed Alza a bit in terms of healing, and she has a new skill which allows her to heal everyone at once. Raje's Introspection now has a 50% success rate to discourage repeat use.

I'll look through your comments a bit more and see what else I can improve. Thanks again.

Guardian Saga Review

Thanks for the incredibly detailed review. I'll keep all of this in mind. I've already fixed a number of bugs and I'll work on the ones you mentioned. Guardian Saga was my baby, the first real game I developed more than 15 years ago, so I'm sure much of the dialogue, mapping, etc. really shows this, but I learned a lot from it.

You discussed a lot of things I never truly got to implement. Raje and Skean not telling people where they were from would be elaborated on in further chapters when they told the group where they were from and helped them to save their world from destruction. Arche would make an appearance in Chapter 2, and you would gain Senko (you see her at the resort) and Sukaru as playable characters as well.

Each character, once speaking to the Guardians at the end of the game would unlock their powers which would make combat a lot more engaging as you would have to work with enemy elemental weakness, and deal with negative statuses more frequently (I took most of them out as the battles used to be much more difficult).

The PET was a custom menu in the beginning, but since I was very young and new to making games I never quite finished it, and instead opted for the default menu system. It's still there in the files though.

Anyway, thanks for the review. I'm humbled! I'll take your bug-fixes into account as well as a few additions, like making Alza a little stronger. I'd love to finish the saga someday and show how much I've grown in other chapters, but my priorities have changed and currently I'm working on a different, much bigger game. We'll have to see what happens!

Guardian Saga

Bug fixes are in! Please download the hotfix or version 1.01 of the game and enjoy!

Guardian Saga

Sorry for the delay in my response! I wasn't getting notices and didn't even -notice- your messages. I'm working on a fix right now. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

Guardian Saga

I'll check it out and see if I encounter the same problem!

Edit: The issue you're having is from an older version of the menu which was taken out. I played from the beginning up until you get to the mines and had no issue, so I'm not sure where you had the issue. If you remember where you were when it did that it would help greatly and I can fix it.

Guardian Saga

I like to report the game seems really fun but the menu seems to bug out like one min its normal menu next min the menu open up another menu with the words specials and additions on it and causes a huge bug where none of them will close when one closes the other one opens up

Could you possibly link a screenshot? I haven't encountered anything like that. Are you talking about the title screen menu or the main menu (with items, status, etc)?

Drekirökr - Dusk of the Dragon

This looks cool. Love the art-style. I hope the music goes along well with the theme!
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