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if seron and orlong are not chosed, who's the 4th member

You have to chose one or the other or you won't be able to progress.

In the Shadow of Ganymede Review

I mean the concept was interesting enough that this would not be a bad prologue for a longer adventure...

Who knows, maybe one day ;)

In the Shadow of Ganymede Review

As always, thank you for the review.
I really bit off more than I could chew with this one eh :)?
I wanted to make a cool rpg maker game with space men in it and believe me, I wanted the game to take place over several days in which slowly the robots take over the facility and madness ensues as the duo find out more and more about the mold. Originally I wanted to have two endings, the one that you saw and another one where Erik frantically moves around on the surface of ganymede in a makeshift space suit (running out of air) trying to lunch a space shuttle containing the last remnants of survivors back to earth. That would have been the 'happy ending'...

But yeah... time constraints are a <insert rude word here> but even so I would have probably continued it and made it longer. The thing is that the lack of assets really hampers you here. There are tons of fantasy tiles and sprites but there is a distinct lack of sci fi sprites that I can use. And yes the space suits and the drill were completely done by me on a drawing tablet, but I am a software programmer not an artist and it was very time consuming for me to do just the simple space suit right.

In the end I cobbled together what I could and put in the ending as it is. Nevertheless I am glad that people are enjoying at least some aspects of it and again thank you for the review. I hope my ramblings have also been insightful.

Burn Witches Get Money

Okay then, I'mma gonna burn sum witches and get sum money!

In the Shadow of Ganymede Review

You can always try to improve it or make a better sequel if you like it. It has plenty of potential, so I'm rooting for you :)

Thank you, I had a pretty shitty day, but your comment made it a bit better :)
I don't know if I'll touch it again for now, but I do plan to return to those ideas in the future.

In the Shadow of Ganymede Review

Thank you for the review!
And I am sorry I could not make it longer, although I had it planned so.

In the Shadow of Ganymede Review

Uh, the score is a little harsh...
I am sorry I could not give you more, it was originally planned to be longer with two sad endings, but I had to cobble this game up in 2 weeks for a game-jam so I did all I could to get through the main idea and to finish the game.
Nevertheless, I am glad you enjoyed at least some aspects of it.
(If you want a longer and more complete game, try out my other game, Soulflowers,
although it isn't sci-fi...)


Hi. I can't get the download to work at all. Is this game still available?

When you click download, it should redirect you to a webpage with 3 mirror links in it, all three should work and you can download the game from them. (The game was to big to be directly hosted by


Cool, you've really grinded it out, I see you had a pretty good run with a lot of good items (which are rare drops or in the case of chests you get random one from a selection. Oh and the potion is actually found in the inventory, but it is under a different name, I don't remember if it was a mana potion or healing potion or something like that. I am amazed that you actually guessed correctly most ending-altering points. The Noble Jester will deal massive amounts of dmg to a party member, but he usually gives you a warning in advance so you can guard and take 50% less dmg. And the forth companion also has no impact if you get to stay or not with one of the sisters at the end.(The medallion return has no impact on the ending.)
Cool 100% guide overall, Firefly84 please put it as a media submission for more players to see, as dropbox links (besides being tucked in the comments) tend to stop working after some time.


I am handicapped and really non existent reflexes.

I don't normally do such a thing, but given you have a disability, I'll make an exception this once: Temporary download download that map and replace the one you currently have in the data folder of the game, it should work, then go in the game, enter the tower and press enter at the first stone pillar's base (left one), it should teleport you next to the exit.
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