I'm a novice rpg creator but i'm learning as I go. A few game ideas bubbling around, we'll see how it goes.





Of course. I want to avoid providing false information as well as providing a way to provide some sort of insight to the condition.

Thank you very much! Most of your questions are fairly spoiler-y to the plot so I'll be pming you answers.

Thank you so much <33


I don't usually like side scrolling games but I'm willing to give this one a chance because I like the idea of it. I'm just worried that the trauma idea might not be handled well, coming from someone with severe ptsd.

Thank you, I appreciate you willing to give it a chance! That was definitely a concern of mine as well in the beginning but I'm doing my best to research the topic to try and keep things as realistic as I can. I'd appreciate any tips on the subject if you are willing to provide any.


It looks amazing! Good luck with your game :3

Thank you very much <33

Birthday Kid

Hi! I'd love to record a playthrough of your game.
Would that be alright with you?


Hi! I really like the concept of this game, it's definitely interesting.

Playing through the demo I found a couple of things that confused me a little.
In the room before the demo ends, you find two keys but can't do anything with them.
And the image puzzle you can just brute force it as the other option don't do anything at all.

Besides these the demo is fairly consistent and enjoyable.
Can't wait to see what the finished product will be.


Here's the link for the video: XXX
I only ended up with two endings, I haven't gone through to find all the other endings yet. If I do, i'll record a separate video and link that to you as well.


I've been looking forward to playing this! It looks so great and the art is amazing! I've already downloaded the beta and played through some of it. There were a few misspellings here and there but nothing too bad! It was fun and had very interesting storyline. I've recorded my experience with it (which is currently uploading to youtube at the moment). I'll be happy to link you too it once the uploading is completed if you'd like to check through it. Of course, I'll link everything within the description of the video so anyone else willing to take a chance at it is welcome. I can't wait until the full game is released, keep up the amazing work!
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