Selling Sunlight

This is so inspiring. So the world is in a sun-synchronous orbit(?).

World of Bob - Christmas Hide and Seek

Download added ^^

*Hint for playing:
- Always follow the little traces. :)

The little traces... huh? Got it!

Zenrai Legends

This looks very well made, is it non-linear?

I hope that a download soon becomes availiable, because I almost can't wait to plat Zenrai~!

(Zenrai is a cool name... but it's the name of a Kotobukiya frame arms. Intentional, perhaps?)

Final Fantasy Discovery

Actually, it was because of the game being called "Pulse" Project, with "Pulse" being the name of the lower world below Cocoon in FFXIII. =B

There was a game on RPGmaker.net called Pulse Project?

I might just look it up... Is it about the Cocoon world?

Thank you and bye, Kanda-kun!

Ichimaru_Gin (ThorongilAnime)

The Secret of Ludia

Mikami? Is that Japanese? I know what 'mi' and 'kami' mean, still, the two words put together... Mikage would have been a smoother choice.

... Forgive my rambles.


The graphics are well done. Did you make them, or did you use one of those character graphic sites?

No matter. Either way, I like it.


Brilliant system. I haven't yet seen one like this. Original?

Combat Specialists


Is there something wrong with this world? 6 subscribers and literally no comments for such a good game.


-shakes head-

Well, publicity will come... Sometime in the far off future. Yeah, I can see it. Once you finally decide to discontinue this project, THEN the comments will start flooding in...

'Do something wrong, people complain. Do something right, no-one will notice.'

... -sigh-

Just know that you have at least ONE avid fan.


I am glad to hear that ;D I have always loved puzzle games myself. I just hope I can do the genre justice.

Ah, Zero-sama! I really hope you do finish the game! And... how in the sake of Geass, did this slip under the fan radar.

ThorongilAnime (or Ichimaru_Gin)

P.S Just realised that your name isn't Zero, but Eternallight...

Project A4

How'd this one slip under so many radars? Not even one "looks nice", and only one subscriber. Well, two now.

Three subscribers now, and I totally agree with Dyhalto. How DID this escape my former notice?!