Umbral Soul

Damn, no maid dark goddesses DP infusions :( I mean, in the balance aspect, I completely agree with you, especially with Demora; but there needs to be a better explanation for not evolving while even a slime could. Maybe like this: We've already seen what evolving does. It will heavily change their bodies and minds and likely make them quite mad. Maybe Marcus would warn them on this, and they would choose not to instead of them exploding due to how weak they are. EDIT2: This would also explain why Azrielle also doesnt ever evolve either.

Demora's magic reflect will still be powerful with that. It will only deal half the damage, but thats still really good(NOT asking for further nerfs here!). And it is still enough to win against Athena unscathed(Though I guess this is still broken). Though even with Demora, Athena fight was exciting. I guess it may be bcs I played with draconus first and alt f4'ed and switched to Demora later.

Though the nerfs seem kinda big. RIP Gryger & Demora ;(,

"You know what's funny? I made an interaction for the pillow event for when Demora and Azrielle are in the party, but I completely forgot to make one for Grealda. Well that's no longer true as of this post, so thanks for the tip off."

Oh nice, I guess I gotta update the game.

I guess I got to hold off on my second playthrough till ultimate edition comes out. Really excited for it!

Oh wait, the spells name was astranova, not astravania. THAT ISNT THE LAST OF THAT SPELL? THE SEQUEL! I guess we may be able to learn it after all, a spell enough to defy Ragnarok.

Also, maybe there were indications of this, but i completely forgot if there were any. Did Lumielle try to execute all dark mages, or was that humans fault?(I think it was the latter, but theres still Lumielle's insecurity at the end. I guess not even the goddess of light can be as white as her light.)

And yeah, even light mages DEFINITELY feed Ragnarok. I mean, even Athena is the Angel of Death. Justice though it may be, it still is Ragnarok's realm. I think only one that didnt feed Ragnarok was Serene.

Tbh playing as evil guys made me want to play as good ones again. And Im hyped for the sequel!

Though I might wish to wreak Havoc after a while and replay Umbral Soul again, lol.

Anyway, I absolutely LOVE the scenarios! Just "watched" them all, and they were awesome! Mira's was hilarious, Lanith met with Marcus' father??? and theres so much!

And Serene makes me think that the sequel will be even more interesting. Will Serene's prayer really be heard? I mean, she DID disobey Ragnarok, did not destroy her heart and gave a WHOLE 30 MATK for Lanith. That rage though, that moment was great. Im really looking forward to a COMPLETELY OVERPOWERED Pandora boss fight.

Though, what about an easter egg? Currently, nothing happens if you take anyone to level 99. But what about instant world domination if we take Ragnarok to level 99? Like, some ridiculous event where in that escaping moment Ragnarok suddenly conquers the world? In an event where even Ragnarok is surprised???

Though it may require a lot of effort for a really obscure easter egg you cant get without cheating. But it WOULD be funny.

Luminous Soul? Thats the healing spells name! Kinda fitting the worlds shrouded in darkness. Wait, Umbral Soul. Luminous Soul. DOES it mean?.. Im looking forward to it!

Though I got a quick question for the sequel: Will we have a tamer in our party?

I got so many more questions & speculations but I dont want to spoil it too much, I guess Ill wait patiently till it comes out!

EDIT1: Spoilers. You should play the game before reading these.

You know, maybe you should refresh the page. I made so many edits. Though this will be the last one so I guess thatd be pointless.

Umbral Soul

OH WAIT. OH NO. I ACTUALLY FORGOT ABOUT THE SCENARIOS. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I missed a single one!! the one between
reinhart the betrayer p2 and calm before the storm. My save is too far gone, Im at the castle already. Though I guess I could hack an older save for a power boost and do it.
What do i need to do for getting the scenario?

I guess I gotta watch them all too. The games alrady huge without THAT many scenarios. Truly a ton of effort went into this game!

I will watch and write about it later probably. Its post midnight here so i gotta sleep.

Umbral Soul

Thanks for the reply, Doing a side quest helped. And I think theres even more DP than we need. Or I missed a monster?

Anyway, I just finished the game. I counted a total of 24 quests (including the
advent of despair
, the final one.) How many quests are there? Did I miss any? Anyway, here are my thoughts on the game:

It was fucking awesome. I loved it.

the way we are completely overpowered; our skills, story was all really good.

Its been a while since i played the first part of it, but there are so many interactions which make it really enjoyable. (Although you missed a few! Grelda/Azrielle dont interact when you check Grelda's bed with both in party, and no unique interaction with Narissa's crackers either.)

Combat was enjoyable; and not overwhelming. Skipping an encounter wasnt any trouble at all. Bossfights were really fun. And its definitely a major plus I didnt need to farm for items / use any items / farm for gold AT ALL. I literally bought extra stuff just in case, and did not even sell the stuff I was supposed to!

OST was also good. I checked the BGM to hear them all ag- WAIT HOW MANY BGM ARE THERE???? So much effort!

There were SO MANY monsters we could pact with, it was INSANE. There were like, 16? Hopefully I didnt miss any. And, dominating overpowered, insane beasts were really fun! AND the evolutions, getting like INSANE forms; TYRANICAL DRAGON OF THE ABYSS, LITERAL CTHULHU etc. Creating WHAT from a SLIME?

Characters were really good as well. No character is black, nor white. They can justify their own actions, and have mostly understandable reasons for following darkness. Theyre dark grey IMO. Bonus points for sadistical laughter.

I never expected Alexa to be such a big deal. Neither did Pandora I guess.

And there was a lot more detail to many characters there couldve been; like the maids. I gotta say the maids were definitely a nice addition to the game. I liked the side quest a lot as well. A vampire queen serving me? Hell yeah!(never used her tho lol)

About combat though; The *****so weak that cant be infused with DP***** Demora is actually BROKEN. I remember beating wizard headmaster in ONLY 3 TURNS; AND I defeated Athena without reinforcements AT FULL HP, NO HIT. I dont think I was supposed to beat her, I guess? But by the time Pandora said I dont think I can win this one, Athena was at 40% lol. It gave 7k xp, and that was it.

And, With healers, Gryger is also BROKEN. I can deal 600-1k damage to everyone each turn, literally insane.

NOT THAT IM COMPLAINING. And I guess he's supposed to.

Also, I had expected to learn ASTRAVANIA, not to have it used on me. Twice. Though I guess it was a light spell? HEADMASTER MATCHED RAGNAROK WITH IT????

I guess my only complaint about the game is that the very end is anti climactic. And we fought all the heroes one by one, I guess... Why would they seperate anyway?? You NEVER split the party!

IMO OST kinda underdelivered the already underwhelming final fight, and It wasnt as tense as it shouldve been or wouldve been if the king and his party was also there or something like that. I didnt even summon to Demora instead of Lanith, yet it still *felt* underwhelming. Like, ALL THAT power from Pandora she unleashed. and the fight was just against the "ultimate" construct. I expected DARKNESS. POWER. HATRED. I expected more from both Lord Azrielle and Pandora at the end. Theyre the most loyal ones.

All the build up and we didnt face any heroes, literally no one. I guess there were none left, but I honestly expected the last fight to be more, personal too you know.

100k xp was pretty insane though, ngl. Wish we could do something with it though.

I wouldve loved if we could have a post end world we could play in. Not many quests or anything, but would love to see the world in darkness and interactions between various dark mages / peasants with the party. They are literal demi gods now!

I really loved the game, but I can pretty much find a negative in everything. Just saying these to be constructive though.

-utterly dramatic cough- and I guess I may have cheated to take Ragnarok to level 50+. Didnt do anything I guess. (Didnt go for lvl99, but probably will cheat for everyone after writing this. Thanks for the level up item!)

THERE IS ONE MAJOR FLAW WITH THE GAME'S LOGIC THOUGH. WE CAN EVOLVE A SLIME LITERALLY TWICE, TO MAKE THEM A PRINCE OF DEMONS AND PRIMARY ANTAGONIST IN BOOK OF TOBIT(appearently), ASMODEUS. BUT WE CANT EVOLVE OUR MAIDS. REALLY? SURELY A SLIME OF ALL BEASTS ISNT SUPERIOR TO A DEMON, WHATEVER LEVEL THEY MAY BE. The tamer academy moves up from slime to hornets, yet we cant even evolve hornet QUEEN(I wouldnt want to evolve her anyway, never played with her really, its just for scaling).


Anyway; Joel heard Lumielle's voice???? Does that mean... A SEQUEL????????? The game DOES have really good sequel potential. Like, for one god to fully die, humans need to die off; but that would kill the other god; so it will never happen. We still dont know why no one can hear Lumielle's voice yet.(or I missed it somewhere?) And Perseus isnt dead yet. Where are the other 4 shards of divinity, why did we get only one after the boss fight? (Idr her name, was is Serene?) Serene's last wish.

If I was the one to do it, I could with alternating POV's from both sides.(not that i really could. I probably couldnt make a tic tac toe game had I tried.)

20 something(I afked at some point so cant be sure) hours well spent!!!
Thanks a lot for the experience!!!!!

Umbral Soul

Finally got the chance to play the game more. Im pretty far ahead now, but I DESPERATELY need
DP. for evolving my slime. What are all the ways of getting it?

Bloodstained Hands

so, uhh, I finished the game. TLDR at the bottom to save an hour of your life AND is non spoiler.

If youre reading here, good luck. Heres my wall of text talking/venting about it. Its very long and includes end game spoilers but not NG+.

I accidentally clicked no to NG+. God damn it. Im not gonna go through 45+ mins of phase 3 of a 350k+ hp god again. I guess my gameplay ends here. I guess i wont be able to see post NG+ stuff mentioned in the comments here.

Well, story was good. Bossfights were prettu fucking enjoyable excluding pre abyssus and phase 2-3 mortalitus. However imo there were too many encounters, in a huge map like this, and too little money/herbs for equalling out the damage/mana spent and escape option being unviable made it much worse. It took a LONG time to go to a free sleeping place. And it got boring at some point I got burned out and didnt want to fight a single enemy. I needed to get to somewhere, but I couldnt with full hp/my stocked potions because of enemies. Not to mention towers. God damn those towers. And the Abyssus was an absolute nightmare with fiend encounters. I guess it depends on how you like to play, but it was pretty bad for me. I didnt like some of the ost, which may or may not be because of my encounter traumas, but others were pretty awesome, so thats a positive for me.

I knew marisa would die the moment she said was scared of our death, but it still was sad to lose her. Idve loved to keep going with her, story would be fuller with her. Actually Im not trying to critisize her death, Idk if i can properly explain this. Her death did make the game darker, which was better than other way around I guess. I fucking did feel Rains anger and loved it when the generals monologue was CUT) short. And so would gameplay(high agility is a must.)

And so was I sad when the thief died. Like, god damn it not you too. Not when trying to fucking redeem yourself.

About gameplay, I wont comment much, but lethality was overrated in the story, but not as much in gameplay. Deals a little less to equal to than 2 flurry hits and *might* bleed opponents IF it hits? Is this really that deadly ability shadow only heard of before Rain used it? IMO, It shouldve been 100% hit, powerful with bleeding possibility(would depend on target as well) but taxing to use. The story hype is anticlimactic imo. I was actually really looking forward to it, just to never use it in any bossfights whatsoever.

The skills made the completionist me grind for them. At that point I was bored, but thankfully pre abyssus had awesome places to grind. It still took over an hour for skill grinding which is too much in my opinion. And some of them werent as strong as it shouldve been. I got a few suggestions but im no game balancer so yeah.

I expected a lot more interaction at the end. Like, I just defeated THE STRONGEST FUCKING GOD, which had 3 DAMN PHASES! I was even expecting it to be over after phase 2, too. Having all other 5 people talk about this would be nice??? Like, Grey was saying he would rather die than seeing Rain become an assasin, and now Rain saved the literal world. And itd be cool if the chat was as if they all went together instead of only 4. There probably is more in NG+ but I wont be doing that fight again unless i cheat. One very neat idea is to be able to have everyone on your party in NG+, if that isnt in the game already. Also we never really found our guildmasters identity, have we? NG+ maybe? :(((

So, in my personal opinion and experience the overall plusses and minuses are:


* Gameplay: - - - - - (I normally wouldnt go over 3 minuses, but I feel like I need to for this. Because of everything i talked so far. AND encounters during puzzles. I HATED/HATE THAT A LOT. happened in at least 4 places IIRC, and they were NOT fun.)

* NG+ option not there bcs i missclicked: - (Big inconvenience but nowhere close to encounter trauma and gameplay.)

* Leaving 2 members behind for Abyssus: - (I understand why, but I still dislike leaving party members behind. I guess its unfortunate so many games do that :( )

* Training to become a silencer being kinda underwhelming: - - (Dont get me wrong concentrate is GREAT but no stat increase -EDIT:other than leveling which I already was lv20,- and lethality isnt good which is what was hyped. Like in the story it has 100% accuracy, unless youre specifically prepared for it, and is deadly AF. Not in gameplay though.)

* Slow transportation: - (Kinda overlaps with encounter rates. So I will only be giving it one -.BTW, why did the fast travel option disappear in the ship after a point anyway? Things were slow pre airship, ngl. EDIT: AND!!! some o the pre abyssus locations had to be travelled with ship, not airship. Thats one minus in itself. Here it is: - )

* No character interaction in the end: - (I would do it like this: show the world/cities/a city, have a cutscene there; have a cutscene with the main cast; and possibly include guildmaster&king in some point as well; and have the final cutscene about Marisa; just like the only one is right now. Wow its surprising how easy it is to talk about it, yet I could never be able to do it myself.)


* some of the town and outside ost's.

* Big map. (It does have advantages and disadvantages. Its neutral imo.)

* RPG Maker graphs. Personally Idc about graphics unless its really horrible, so no problem for me.


* Good ost where it counts: + (excluding bossfights so kinda limited. Guild is a good one imo.)

* Story: +

* The map is beautiful and can be zoomed out: +/2 since it has nearly no impact? I still wanted to mention it though.

* Theres a quest tracker guy at the guild: +/2

* Main characters intelligence, story around the chaaracters: + +

* Bossfights: + + + (The talk, the music, the getting there/buildup is and the satisfaction in EXCLUDING THAT them is pretty awesome, disregarding encounters. HOW MANY FUCKING SOLDIERS HAVE YOU GOT FFS *cough)

* Good quest line and cutscenes: +

* Good cities and little details: +

* Clarity of how much effort went into the game: + + (Im not sure if im weird for caring about this but if i can tell a game had much effort put into it, it makes me respect it more and I want to play it more; to discover everything, see everything. This was what kept me going through the encounters, and bossfights made it worth it.)

Also, Its been at least 3 weeks since I started the game. I got to pre abyssus in several days and burned out in abyssus so I took a break. I dont remember all of it, and probably forgot most of the small details that could make into + or +/2. Its always the negatives that stick you the most :/ Also I didnt get every character encounters unfortunately either. And I guess I divided story into 3 in the positives section?

Anyway, while not fun in between, this was a good story ride. Im sure this is my own personal preference. And I tried to critisize it as best/much as I could specifically because much effort went into it, and I respect it a lot. I overall enjoyed it. Thanks a lot for the free 20h+ great story experience.


too many encounters for my taste, but good story. Might wanna play it.

Umbral Soul

Man, there are so many characters yet party cap is only 4. 3 people left behind, and im nowhere close to finishing the game. Like, I want to SEE EVERY CONVERSATION, EVERY EVENT, EVERYTHING! But it will take way too long. And i may permamently miss some event if i do it with the wrong person. :( Is there like any "guide" or maybe indication i should use which person? Or am I just being over concerned?

Bloodstained Hands

Hi. (endgame spoilers)
Im stuck on the abyssus 4 flame puzzle. I could do it after a long while, but i kinda hate those types of puzzles. Is there a guide to all the puzzles please?

I also need some help with the "exports" quest as well.


Played it around a month ago. Bad graphics since its using rpg maker 2000, But a very good story. It had me stressed and rooting for many of the characters a lot. Although, the ending was
predictable to me. It was a terrible choice to trust april, and obviously the crew needed to take more measures which they didnt. But I must admit that I had completely forgotten about the encounter with the "mother". But even if that never happened, the crew needed to be quarantined for years if not for their whole life along with the ship, and I dont think thats what the people on Mars base did. Goodbye humanity. It sucks a lot for Rouse, and the others. she and they deserved a lot better. Oh well...

It was hard at times,
especially if you werent prepared for the last bossfight.
and frustrating at places. But if youre careful, you wont have a problem with (minor spoiler about mechanics which is already in mechanics.png)
your health and sanity bar. Even I didnt have much trouble.
. And though I dont remember much of them, i think the puzzles were pretty good/hard, and the answers are given! If I were to rate it, Id rate it pretty highly.

If you somehow enountered this obscure place on the internet and are looking at the comments to decide whether to download or not, id say give it a shot.

Edit: I agree with Joseph Sarah, however I didnt notice any looping problems in music. But I cant be sure since its been a while. THE OST is unique and fitting to the game.
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