Just a simple guy from Argentina that loves RPG's as much as you do, and hopes to being able to, at least, make a decent one myself someday...

In the meantime, I'm contributing to the site by making reviews. Well, for now I'm only capable of making one review per month, but you have to start somewhere, right? :P
The Room of Trials
No longer a short entry for the "A Golden Week Of RPG Maker 2003" event. I'll still make it, though...


[RMMV] Is there any way to encrypt projects in MV?

Because I heard of a tool called "Enigma Protector", but it seems like it isn't free. Sure there's a trial version, but you'll have to buy it afterwards...

I'm asking this because in the case I make a game in MV, all the game files will be pretty much exposed to anyone who downloads it, and that kinda worries me. So, does anybody know a way to do this?

[RMMV] MV Related Questions

Hi, I had some doubts about MV and I wanted to post them here before I forget about them:

1) Can MV RTP be used in other RM engines?

2) Is there a way to initiate other's people projects without having to enter the editor?

3) This may be a little stupid but, what does the "Ace MV Converter" thing does?

4) How can one access a plugin's code manually?

5) Does any of the RTP actors have names?

[RMMV] "Hidden Item A" and "Hidden Item B"

What are exactly those item types for, and how do they work?

[RMVX ACE] On Touch Encounters Route

I wanted to ask something since it will probably help me in my future games: How should I configure my routes for on touch encounters events?

About version numbers in games/scripts

I wanted to ask this out of curiosity, and for future reference for my projects:

Usually a complete game/script starts in version 1.0, that I have clear. So then, how do you measure how higher is the number of the next version?

Like when passing from version 1.0 to 1.1, or from 1.5 to 2.0, something like that.

Does it exist something like a "base" anime art style?

Out of curiosity and boredom, this topic came. Is there something like that?

Maybe I'm seeing patterns where there aren't, but it feels like there are some common elements that some anime/manga share, and I suddenly thought: Maybe there's a base art style that an anime/manga established and that the other's are variations of that style?

I'm probably wrong, but as I said, I'm bored and I wanted to have sonething to do here... XD

Who's your favorite VRP(Videogame Romantic Pairing)?

So! I decided to do another of my random topics just to have something to do in RMN. With that in mind: Who's your favorite couple (romantic couple, if it wasn't clear already. :P ) in videogames and WHY!?

Game Dev Tycoon

So, does anyone here have played it by chance? Because I downloaded it recently, and I think it's really good!

And addictive also! I made more progress into this than the progress I made with actual gammak... XD

Image Positioning in Reviews

This may be a silly question, but how can you change the position of the images in the reviews? Because I saw that in some reviews, the screenshots on them are on the center on the page, but when I try to put any image, they are always on the left side of the page. Could anyone help me with this?

[RMVX ACE] I need a Slime Girl sprite... Please?

See, I'm using Nivlacart's Monster Girl Pack for a non-commercial project I'm planning, more specifically the slime girl resources. The problem is, that the pack doesn't include sprites, sure I could use the RTP slime sprite to represent the slime girl, but I would like it if it looked different from the other regular slimes.

So that takes me back to the topic question, could someone help me with that, please? I'll make sure to credit you in my game if you do it! :)
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