The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

As I erroneously posted here, I'm looking for Phylomortis 2 and ideally Avante Garde as well -- any help would be much appreciated.


Thanks, I'll betake myself there :P


I played around with RPG Maker back in 2004-5 or so and encountered a lot of fun games. I've rediscovered it quite recently, and I was really disappointed to discover that a lot of the old stuff had disappeared down the Internet's memory hole. I apologise if this is the wrong forum for this (it doesn't seem right but I couldn't find any more appropriate forums) but I was wondering if anyone has Phylomortis 2 around somewhere and would be willing to upload it? The Phylomortis website itself has gone down and the only copy of it I could find after a good hour's Googling was a Megaupload file which is obviously not an option any more. I'd appreciate Avante Garde too, since I haven't played that at all yet.

(Yes, I know the games have a bit of a "reputation", but I actually found Phylo 2 quite fun, despite never getting very far in it... )
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