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Olive to Cook Signups


I've finally decided to start planning out an MV game titled 'Olive to Cook' (Special thanks to Muffle for the name idea)

It's basically going to be a mashup of Stardew Valley, the cooking contest from Suikoden 2, and some other stuff.


Well! I've decided I want the inhabitants of this game to be members from the RMN community! Now I don't have an exact number of how many people I will need, so I'm throwing this out there to anyone who would like to sign up. If I get too many people, I'll just boil it down to a random number or something to decide who goes, but I'll put this here now - if you don't make the cut, I do apologize, it's nothing personal!


Well, for those of you who have played Stardew Valley and the cooking contest from Suikoden 2, I'll be presenting a list of foodstuff for you to rate a 1 to 5 score for the cooking contest aspect of it. On the Stardew Valley end, I'll need to know how you'd like your NPC to be engineered from interests/hobbies/etc down to if you're interested in being possibly romanced by the player (which will cover a lot of things like orientation, 'relationship meter scenes' and so on.) Now, you don't have to be 'romanceable' to be in the game, as in Stardew there were plenty of NPC's you could build relationships with that never led to marriage as well!


If you DO sign up here, DO NOT post details! That leads to spoilerville, and we want the player to have to figure out these things in game. If you do sign up, (and if you're one of the lucky ones to land a spot as an NPC) expect to be messaged by me for more details at some point in the future!



I need things. Please post here with the following...

One word.


One picture.

Limit of one word and one picture per post. Don't go too crazy now. Keep the damn picture pg-13 you heathens.

These are totally for research and serve no other purpose so never you mind about things done/said/performed in the past. You shall conform.



Okay guys.

I need words. Give em to me!

One word at a time, please. (We don't need to make sentences out of multiple stacked responses either you scrubs)

You'll never discover my evil beneficial plans.

I'm not making cat videos~ (Youtube Channel Informational Gathering)

Alright, folks. With the new twist of the staff roster, myself and Eplipswich have stepped up to moderate the RMN Youtube Channel. First things first;

What RMN content do you buggers want to see video-ified?

We'll use this thread as a first measure to get an idea of what to focus on. Our plan is to get what you, the community, wants to see in video form. Post your thoughts here!

---> Here is the Youtube page for RMN! <---

The influence is too strong! (Illy LP's Darkest Dungeon)

Well I finally watched a tiny bit of Darkest Dungeon, a game I've had in my library for a while now - I can't wait any longer! So I decided I would start a new thread and invite people interested in being party members as I venture through the game much like how Liberty is doing! If you haven't seen Libby's streams of the game, I recommend checking them out - her original thread can be found HERE;

I haven't opened this game yet, and I only watched one of Libby's streams for a few minutes to keep that unknown factor so you all can witness me make all the same blunders Libby did on her first runs~

For those of you that want to party up, just check out the classes on Libby's page in the link above and post here with which one you'd like to play as!

-Current Crew-
UPRC (Crusader)
Happy (Plaguedoctor)
Oshun (Crusader)
Kloe (Grave Robber)
Paine (Hellion)
Fifi (Man-at-Arms)
Lonerli (Crusader)
Rush (Highwayman)
Blueperiod (Vestal)
Ashe (Leper)

-Pending Crew-
Gourd_Clae (Abomination)

-They Will Be Remembered-
Frogge (Bounty Hunter)
Ratty (Antiquarian)
Psy (Abomination)
Capage (Hellion)
Bart (Occultist)
Crispy (Vestal)
Pandamonia (Grave Robber)
Illy (Crusader)
Liberty (Arbalest)
Pentagon (Occultist)
Mawk (Leper)

For those interested in seeing these videos, the playlist is right here~

What RMN Members do YOU want to work with?

I had this topic idea hit me earlier, when I realized how awkward it can be to just walk up to people and say "Hey! I think you're really cool! We should work on something together!" So I figured maybe I could start a thread here where people talk about which members of RMN they'd like to do some joint operations with either on a gam, or some other project.

I'll start off! Judging from what I've seen around the site (in both game design and forum/chat activity) I think I'd find a lot of fun working on a project with either Liberty, Unity, LockeZ, Ratty, Ziggy, or Jeroen.

I may need to expand on this list once I can remember everyone.

FF Class/Job based PnP RPG

Hey guys! I'm really surprised I haven't brought this up before, but I'm a member of an active community of individuals who play a game known as FFRPG SeeD.

This is the storage site of the game, and it's been well fleshed out over the last decade+. Game is run without the need of a grid (as battles are fought using a turn based ATB system akin to older RPG's), we use a diceroller program inside of an IRC webchat. The game is often heavy roleplay oriented, for those that love staying in character during these types of games. The IRC info is listed here: I personally just use the browser based IRC site Mibbit to access it.

Channel: #dockingbay

I'm surprised I never saw this opportunity to try to bridge my two active online communities~ I talk to them about RMN all the time, never thought about mentioning FFRPG here!

If anyone would like to discuss how this RPG plays, you're more than welcome to ask me or anyone in the IRC channel! I'll include a link to one of the sessions I've run for those interested in seeing how a session plays out.

-Pathfinder Adventure Path (Legacy of Fire) Gone SeeD!-
I took the published adventure path of Legacy of Fire by Paizo and converted it to a SeeD campaign, this link is to the first session!

[RMVX ACE] Bundle Stars VX Ace for 10 bucks :x

Hey guys, just noticed that there's an 85% discount on VX Ace on Bundle Stars~

Happy Gam Mak-ing!

[RMVX ACE] Use face graphic instead of sprites for save/load?

Hey guys, I'm trying to find a simple script that changes it to where you see the actors faces instead of their sprites when you load a saved game. Is it possible?

Sword Coast Legends!

Is there anyone else out there with this game? I'll admit I'm a Pathfinder player, but this game is amazing. I immediately became addicted to the DM Mode and have already put 12 hours into a now finished module.
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