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Shadows of Adam

These graphics are incredible and the artstyle is wonderful!

Endless Horizon

Sorry to disappoint. I've felt that this game has undergone such radical changes that it has become an entirely new game altogether. So whilst this version of it is no longer being worked on I am continuing to make it? Anyway sorry to let down you guys it really means a lot that you all took an interest in this. Thanks for all the feedback and encouragement.

Endless Horizon

The RTP Arshes and furniture doesn't mesh well with the Earthbound style graphics. Hopefully the final product will remedy this. Not sure about the plot so far, but I'm digging the enemy battlers (especially Snide).

Thank you so much for playing my game. I hope u had some fun on it!

KiraStar: The Polybius Problem

The character animations are fantastic! I love all the quirky little mannerisms Dan has. I was just wondering was it intentional to be able to tinker around with the project file???

KiraStar: The First of Many Updates: Number II

Your battlers are pure class! I really can't wait to play this!

The Cicatrix (Formerly Hero I: Ephren's Journey)

I really like your mapping :)

Stellar Fragments (Soundtrack)

You guuuuuuuy's! Sounds like its really moving forward, I'm looking forward to playing it!


Why do these graphics remind me of the Mother series? (mother.. AKA EarthBound)

Haha, well the fact that it's like my primary source of inspiration might have something to do with it!
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