Yes, Rock Band is awesome.

I've had this game since shortly after christmas and so far, its the best money I've spent on my 360 thus far. I usually like to be the vocalist, but I'll play bass too if someone else wants to play vocals for a while. I'm curious to what this weeks songs are gonna be. I still need to download Zero from last weeks set.

Screenshot Thread With One Eyebrow and a Golden Tooth

LotPS is still probably my all time favorite RM game. I really hope to see you finish it Nem.

Attention: Gaming World Refugees;boardseen#new

Its cause of stuff like this. I mean, count how many times they take shots at not only G&D people, but RM users in general. Why stay on a site that allows crap like that?

The Next Maker?

Well, a choice between side-view or front-view battles would be nice. I personally love the RTP in VX and the fact that you can import pretty much whatever sized charactersets you want is a big plus. I'd like to see more options for us rm2k3 veterans who are better at eventing than scripting. AND FOR GOD SAKE, GIVE ME BACK MY SANDSTORM WEATHER EFFECT!

I can't really think of too much else. Maybe a large length limit to the tilesets so that we have more room to add some of our own without overwriting the RTP. The fixed the dungeon generator in VX, so I'm happy with that now. The also need to make it so that victory themes end after the battle and not when the song ends. I know these can be done with scripts, but they really should have been default. Also, monsters that fit with the engine. Rm2k3 had awesome RTP monsters, I couldn't stand VX's though.

Screenshot Thread With One Eyebrow and a Golden Tooth

That confirm changes window only pops up when your ready to exit the party menu. Its not there when you're rearranging characters and stuff. The bottom only needs to hold 10 characters as the active 4 count towards the 14. One thing I probably should note though, is two of the 14 characters are event characters that only join your party for a short time and have fixed equip and such (think like Bannon from FF6). So technically, I really only need space for 12. I'm pretty sure it creates a scrolling effect though when it reaches the end of the screen.

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author=sanosuke link=topic=1022.msg14348#msg14348 date=1209954285
Names to watch out for:

dogchode69 -idiot
Kaworu - oppressor
Supra Mairo - assumer
Homo Welfarus -biggest moron second to Magical Nero
Strange-Being a mod of G&D did nothing about people like:

Magical Nero- Grand prize winner for title- "The Hitler of Gaming World"

For those who are unaware (probably not many);
dogchode69 = Chef
Homo Welfarus = bazookatooth
Magical Negro = Steel

Loremaster: Rise of Kalibur

The game is on hiatus until I finish my VX project, but I may go back to it when that's done.

Game Design Forum Section

I know you probably hear this all the time, but I'm new so bear with me. When do you think RMN v3 will be completed?

Game Design Forum Section

I really think RMN needs a new way to organize stuff in the Game Demos & Design section of the forum. The way it is now is completely cluttered with no way to separate demo and game topic from discussion on game design and such. I'm not suggesting anything near as drastic as what GW was suggesting, but it really needs to be organized better as its currently a mess.

Attention: Gaming World Refugees

I'm still in the "trying out" process before I decide if this will be my permanent hangout. So far I have only one complaint, which I'll make a topic for in feedback.