What was the first game you ever played?

Super Mario Bros. for NES. Second was Super Mario Bros. 3, which is still one of my all time favorites.

Screenshot Thread With One Eyebrow and a Golden Tooth

Here are some screens from my RMVX game, Breaking of the World.

The first screen is to show off the caterpillar function. You can have up to 14 characters in your party total, these characters are split between 2 groups; your active party and your reserve party. Only the 4 members of your active party show up in battle/menus/caterpillar but all members gain exp from battles (reserve members get half of what active members get, this helps keep character levels balanced). You can switch members anytime using the Party option in the main menu. This option can also be used to reorder party members as well.

And I have a short gameplay video as well:

IRC Channel Info-Come and Chat With Us!

I just joined today. Needs more talking.

Release Something! Day III: Demo Day Edition [June 20th, 2008]

Do we HAVE to sign up? I'd rather not commit myself to a date, but I'm going to really try to get a demo of Breaking of the World done for this.

5/2/08: The Night GamingW Went Up in Flames

One of the things that really bugged me was the way Nightblade was treated. You have people like Steel and bazookatooth (two of the few I refer to as the Steel Crew) who will insult anyone who disagrees with them, yet they look down on NB because he critisizes games harshly. NB is one of the few (former) G&D members who's opinion I really respect because he's not afraid of hurting your feelings. Sometimes you need to hear something harsh in order to improve. I think one of the big problems that was going on with G&D was people were sacrificing quality to make something unique and it usually ended up being BAD.

5/2/08: The Night GamingW Went Up in Flames

I've been less active on GW for a couple months now. I'm just sick of all the elitism and double standards there.


Well, since I'm planning to soon leave GW since its turning to complete crap, Verridianne (YDS on IRC) convinced me to come try out RMN. So yeah, here I am.

The Nightmare of Crystalus: Part 1

Yeah, if this is the same bahumat27 from charas, he got banned from there for trying to claim he made Ocean's Dream's game, Paradise Blue.