An FFX thread for you schmucks

While I usually like more linear RPGs rather than open ones like Oblivion, FFX was way to linear for me. I mean, I like SOME variation in maps other than "walk in a straight line for a minute, turn left, walk in another straight line, ect". I agree the intro was awesome, but everything after that was just really boring. I also couldn't stand the Sphere Grid system. It just really bugged me. I can see why Square keeps remaking all these old FF games, cause they're way more fun to play than new stuff like FFVII and up, imo.

What are you listening to? [Music]

The new Disturbed album. Currently the song Indestructible.

Game Profile Lost Lastest Update..?

I've been using the Blog to post updates. Its worked fine for me so far.

[ADVERT/DEMO] The Legend of the Philosopher's Stone - [REVAMP II Release + Progress Thread]

I've offered before to host your game at my site too if you want another mirror. The offer still stands.

What does your avatar mean?

My avatar was drawn for me by Nessiah. Its a combination of real life me and my old avatar which was a character by Bleedman (online artist).

I changed the main character's name from Dante to Damien just recently. I had to go back and change any instances where someone used Dante, which is why you see it in some of the screenshots (they're pre-change).


Its spelt Visor not Vizier if you're referring to the thing on his eyes.


Looks pretty solid. I'll hold off on my rating until you release something playable though.

The Legendary Kronoxes

I can already tell by looking at your screenshots that you really need to work on your mapping. Your walls, especially on the interiors (like the shop screen) need some sort of backbone and no border around the edges of your interior maps make them look like the go on forever. The black square can usually fix that. I see that the game is cancelled though, are you working on another one now?

Top Ten Topic: Consoles!

1) SNES (Greatest system ever)
2) PS2
3) Dreamcast (This was an awesome system that barely gets any attention. I still play mine.)
4) Xbox 360 (This is the one I currently play most often)
5) Nintendo DS (Has the potential to be one of the best systems ever if Nintendo would stop being scared of online Multiplayer. I mean, its the PERFECT platform for an MMO.)
6) PC
7) GBA (The SNES in handheld form)
8] NES
9) Wii
10) Nintendo 64 (Jet Force Gemini was still one of the funnest games I've ever played)