I love making things... pictures, videos, stories, music... and I love watching other people enjoy those things... It's like a crazy obsession LOL I sound insane but this is the way it is. Please let me make things for you to enjoy :P

seriously though, I'm a graphic designer from Canada, Im 23 and I have a soft spot for rpgs. I love them to death. Legend of the dragoon was probably my favourite. Final fantasy x is right up there, and Grandia 3 or dark cloud 2 ... :D :D :D final fantasy 7 would probably be on my list but i never played it. or number 8... or 9 lol... so sue me ^^
Toby's Island
Farming, Monster Collecting, Village Sim




why you gotta go and be so creative?


absolutely tremendous work here.

those clouds, and the art style on the person with the puffy sleeves


absolutely tremendous work here.

those clouds, and the art style on the person with the puffy sleeves


Wow, I love this man! Been following this game for a very long while now, glad to see progress is still being made :) keep up the very good work!

Don't worry one bit. Production won't stop until it's done. And even then I see myself going back to it to polish and add content.


There's snow stopping us now!

Can I report this for being too perfect?


I love your mapping. The shadow under the balcony on the right would look fantastic if there wasn't a candle on the table... The shadow wouldn't look like that because of the light source. Without a light source it would be perfect!


Damn that's nice looking.

Glad you like it, I went through many designs for trees before I came up with this one, and the Library was also not a first try idea. I don't think people liked my first attempt at the library at all haha.

Toby's Island

The game looks super nice. Sub'd.

Thanks, It's been a long time in the making. I'm close to a good demo to really show it off!


this is beautiful, great light and shadows

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I've been gone a long time. I am thinking about returning though :)

Alter Legend - For Our Fallen v1.0

I'm honestly ultra-really-surprised that this game didn't get that much publicity. I really like it! And I have a question.
When you encounter that old lady that needs 3 kola nuts, some amount of mushrooms, etc etc, do you need to have the exact amount? I have all of the ingredients she needs, yet nothing seems to progress when I go to her.

There shouldn't be any bugs with her other than the "needing the exact amount" What does she say when you bring the exact amount of things? Remember she needs the eggs, the mushrooms and I think a third thing. Sorry for the incredibly late reply. I haven't been on here in a loooong time. I'm super glad you've enjoyed the game :)