Please delete my account

Yeah. Your reputation is on the line with every release, screenshot, and forum post. No matter how much time and effort you invest in a project, your competitors can reduce your standing to nothing with a single word. So even if you return later, with a project that shows signs of technical improvement, they'll still remember you for your worst and least-polished works, and ignore your subsequent attempts. No matter what. Their opinions of you can never be increased. When you join RMN, there's nowhere to go but down.

Please delete my account

I think it's cute how some of you people actually think indie game design is a collaborative process. Anyone with half a brain could see that it most certainly is not. It's a high-stakes, cutthroat arena where everybody is a potential competitor, and people's ideas of "constructive criticism" (one of the greatest oxymorons of our time) include vague and empty suggestions for improvement, baseless put-downs, and even death threats.

I started using RM2K for shits and giggles when Don Miguel's translation came out, with the vain hope that I could produce something as entertaining and as well-received as Final Fantasy 6. But as the years passed, I gradually realized how I lacked the necessary talents and smarts to pull off such a task on my own. It took RMN's Simon Cowell-esque brutality to drive that point home.

Please delete my account

Look, we all know my games and I are lost causes, so why don't you just prevent the incoming shitstorm of drama and ban me already? You know you want to. I am the offending element.

I'm not asking you people to like me. We knew that was an impossibility ever since I showed up here. All I'm asking is for you to leave me alone and eliminate all traces of my presence from this website.

Please delete my account

Look, I am aware that this is one of those online troll communities where veterans get their rocks off by terrorizing newcomers, but listen to me for a minute. I don't give a damn about what other people think of my game. More important is what I think of my game, and I personally think it's garbage. I've been working on it for the better part of a decade, and since that underwhelming, poorly-written, and questionably-designed piece of fanfic trash is the best I could come up with, it seriously made me reconsider my involvement with game design as a whole. Quoting Metal Gear Solid and using incendiary terms like "ragequit" and "juvenile" isn't helping anybody.

Please delete my account

Not only is it fanfic, but it's a self-insertion fanfic with the protagonist being a total Anti-Sue, and it essentially takes a crap on one of Japan's most beloved classic RPGs.

Please delete my account

I deleted all the screenshots and downloads, but the game page is still up and I have no idea how to get rid of that. Is that the kind of thing that only admins have access to?

Also, I think it would probably be better if I was banned and stripped of all my Makerscore. I don't deserve it anyway.

Please delete my account

It was a bad idea for me to become a member of this website and submit my materials here. All I seem to get are complaints, and I haven't made a single positive connection here, so I think it would be for the best if my account were deleted.

I would also appreciate it if my gamepage were taken down. Nobody likes it anyway, and its page is just a dumping ground for negative comments.

2011 RMN Summer Games

There should have been a way to take a person's name off the list if he/she ends up not wanting to participate, or was signed up without him/her knowing.

El Dorado

Very well-made game. I could totally see Hernando becoming the next Mario.
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