Please delete my account

It was a bad idea for me to become a member of this website and submit my materials here. All I seem to get are complaints, and I haven't made a single positive connection here, so I think it would be for the best if my account were deleted.

I would also appreciate it if my gamepage were taken down. Nobody likes it anyway, and its page is just a dumping ground for negative comments.

How often do you run from battles?

This is a question that's been on my mind for quite some time. I personally never do it. Chances are if you're someplace with enemies that outclass you to the point where you need to end battles early, to me a more rational solution would be to reset the game and build more levels in a safer area. And some RPGs keep track of how many times you run from battle, and they may even penalize the player for excessive escaping. (Final Fantasy V, for example, has a weapon whose offensive power diminishes every time you run.)

And in games like Chrono Trigger and Earthbound, where you can see enemies on the field before engaging them in battle (and, therefore, figure out novel ways to avoid them if you wish), is a Run command really necessary?

Some RPG fans may argue that running is an essential component of the gameplay experience, and it presents something of a logic puzzle for the player. ("If the situation is unfavorable, how can I minimize my losses?") I don't, but I'd be curious to hear what you all think.

OK, I'm curious. I want your opinions. Just tell me exactly why you think Brasington is so repulsive.

Since RMN is one of the most active English-language RPG Maker sites, I thought that by becoming a member I could introduce my friends' games to an entirely new audience after being involved with RM for almost as long as RM has existed. Of course, this maneuver was somewhat of a failure, generating very little enthusiasm for our hard work. Only one possible conclusion can be drawn: we're just not that good.

I'm curious about the reason behind the community's general apathy towards Brasington Lane's expansive body of work. We have our own message board and dozens of YouTube videos with footage from our carefully-produced games, and we encourage our viewers and players to give us feedback, comments, criticism, etc.

I don't mean to open up old wounds with this following question, but how much of our lack of appeal has to do with our connection to Gaming Ground Zero? The impression I got from you all in my introduction thread was that most of you have either forgotten the feud, or the whole thing happened before you became active.

Dragon Warrior IV: Renaissance

Dragon Warrior IV: Renaissance
Engine: RPG Maker 2000
Genre: Traditional/Fanfiction RPG
Author: Brasington Lane Software Planning
Status: Demo (Version 3.2, originally released September 2005)
Size: 14.1 MB
Play Time: About 15-25 hours

Released several years ago on Gaming Ground Zero. Won RPG Atelier's Silberstern (Silver Star) award. Beloved by many Dragon's Den members. Showcased in a YouTube "Let's Play." Finally, it comes to RMN.

Created by me and a few of my closest IRC friends (including Felix "Shichimenchouken" Trapper), this game is an unofficial sequel to Square Enix's beloved classic RPG, "Dragon Quest IV." It takes place 500 years after the events of the original DQ4, and although the world has changed dramatically, the gameplay and presentation haven't strayed far from their old-school roots.

If you're a longtime fan of the Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior series, or if you're a fan of retro ('90s and late '80s) JRPGs in general, hopefully this game will be right up your alley.

RM2K display problem with 640x480 window?

I have a friend who recently got a new computer. He loves RM2K, but can't get it running 100% properly -- the animation is choppy and skips frames a lot when the program is running in a 640x480 window. I had this same problem once before, so I suggested he use fullscreen mode (using F4) or change to a 320x240 window (using F5). However, he finds fullscreen mode annoying and the 320x240 window way too small. His previous computer didn't have this problem displaying 640x480, so is there some way he could fix it? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

A GGZ Member draws near! Command?

I'm sure many of you know Ephiam, and have played his Dragon Fantasy games. Well, as a devoted fan of Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior and a veteran RPG Maker 2000 user, I volunteered to help playtest Dragon Fantasy II before its final version was released. My close friends and I contributed several charsets, tilesets, music tracks, sound effects, and even a custom font to his project, but that's not even why I registered. I did it because back in November, somebody was looking for an old RM2K game published in 2001, and didn't remember what it was called. Neither did anybody else who replied. But since Syron's "Dreamscape" is one of my personal favorite RM2K games, I had to register and reply to that thread -- and then introduce myself here.

I know this is kind of awkward, considering I'm a staff member of a website that used to be bitter enemies with RMN, but I assume the hard feelings have cooled in the many years since RPG Maker's fade into obscurity. So I'm not sure if my presence here (or my "necropost" in the Dreamscape thread) is a breach of etiquette, but I'm willing to follow the rules of this forum. In closing, I hope my affiliation doesn't get in the way of our mutual love of RPG Maker!
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